Berlin Sub 4 Marathon Training Plan: Week 3

My week this week has felt very cross-training heavy, with not a lot of actual running. Additionally, although I’ve worked out nearly every day, I felt like I could have, and should have done more. Being away and busy at work has definitely affected my workouts, but that can’t be an excuse going forward.

Monday- Rest day, spent at the beach.

Tuesday-Tempo run, and one of the hardest run workouts I’ve ever done. The aim was to complete each mile 15 seconds faster than the previous mile, starting at 9min mile pace.

9.07, 8.46, 8.31, 8.16, 8.01, 7.33.

Wednesday- Xen Do Kickboxing taster session with Charlie and Laureen. This class was so much fun, it used muscles that I don’t use to run (or do anything else), and it was a real eye opener about self defence too. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting but I really loved it and hope we can go back for another session sometime.

Thursday- Yoga

Friday- Swimming with Charlie, Lissy and Zoe. We’d hoped to get to swim in the outdoor pool in Covent Garden, however due to a problem with the pool cover, the outdoor pool was closed. This meant that the indoor pool was very, very crowded- good practise for being swum over in future triathlons!

Saturday- 12 miles @8.50 pace along the Thames- back to my favourite long run route! Then off to Hampstead Heath for a very wet 6 mile walk.

Sunday- 12 mile bike ride around Woburn Abbey with my Mum and Victoria Pendleton… no big deal.

Bring on double day workouts, strength work and more running next week! 


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