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5 of the Worst Post Gym Outfit Choices

Nov 21, 2014 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

what not to wear after gym

No this isn’t a scathing, mean review of people’s outfits, more a look at the worst pieces of clothing to put on after a gym session. I get ready at the gym before work at least 3 days a week, and although many of these items are unavoidable, I hate having to put them on. However, it’s not as bad as forgetting a crucial item of clothing, which you discover with horror as you’re getting dressed. Someone who will remain anonymous forgot both her tights and bra a few weeks ago, and I’ve had to wear my sports leggings to work, as well as trainers with numerous outfits!

5 of the Worst Outfit Choices for After the Gym

Tights– awkward and ugly enough to put on at home, awful for the entire changing room to watch you heave them up to just below your bra. Plus you will definitely step in a puddle of water just after you’ve put them on resulting in wet feet for the rest of the morning.

Boots– great to wear, annoying to pack into whatever bag you’re carrying, especially long boots. Plus they don’t work so well with yoga gear if trainers aren’t required. Same goes for heels.

Skinny jeans– the jean lunge or jump around is fine(ish) in your own bedroom, less fine in public. Straight out of the wash skinny jeans are less than ideal to get on, plus a hot body in tight clothing can bring on the dreaded sweat lip, making make up application impossible.

Back zips– why do they create dress and tops where you physically can’t do them up without assistance. Scrabbling around trying to do up your dress isn’t the ideal start to a day, luckily some changing room companions may see your pain and offer help. I have had to go to work with a dress half undone (coat over) to ask for a colleague’s help.

Anything tight– anything that will make it difficult to raise your arms over your head to dry your hair, make you hot and exacerbate aforementioned sweat lip, or feel just plain uncomfortable after your yoga class.


  1. Sophie

    I’d also say makeup in general. You’re in a hot changing room in which hairdryers are inevitably being used. You’re still sweaty despite having a shower and this makes applying makeup a bit of a nightmare. You do feel great when you leave the gym though. Get that power walk on!

    • charlotte

      makeup is soo annoying, sweat lip is so hard to cover!

  2. Sarah

    Gahhhh I hate having to get normal-fied straight after a gym workout. You’re right, tights are the ABSOLUTE worst!! Next worst for me though is putting a sports bra BACK on after showering – I wear one for work so it’s even worse than getting it off in the first place!

    • charlotte

      Haha I should have mentioned that too- for me the WORST is having to put sweaty clothes back on after showering if you’ve forgotten anything!

  3. Jenny

    This is hilarious – and so accurate! Although tights are annoying, paired with a black dress they make the easiest post-gym outfit change ever. No thought required! X

  4. Mary

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning – all of this is so true! The skinny jeans struggle is so real!

  5. Bibi

    So true!

    There is a mum who leaves the swimming pool just as I arrive for Tri club, and she puts her kids in fleecy onesies. An hour later, when I’m finished, I wish *I* had a fleecy onesie every time.

  6. Violet

    Love this post! I do classes on my lunch hour a few times a week and I plan what I wear on those days to be loose and easy to put on, sadly they all require tights though!

  7. MrsB

    We have individual showers / change rooms in my office (where I go after my morning Crossfit sessions). I’ve never struggled with a piece of clothing after Crossfit but I have struggled with washing my hair as there are days when I just cannot lift my arms.

    Now when it comes to Bikram yoga and skinny jeans afterwards – IMPOSSIBLE.

  8. cieronymidou

    This is one of the reasons I don’t do morning workouts unless I’m working from home that day!
    Also, I am blessed to work in a field where leggings and a jumper, or jeans and trainers, are totally acceptable office attire. I would NOT be happy about putting tights on after a workout!
    However, I practically live in boots and leggings! I think it’s a great combo! I wear boots with the rest of my kit to the gym, and carry the trainers in my bag… Perhaps I need to reassess..#fashionfail

  9. Meaghan

    The tights, the horrible tights! One of the things I dread most about getting ready in a public locker room. There’s no dainty way to handle getting those puppies on post-workout. The struggle is real 🙂

  10. Sarah

    This is all so accurate! I laughed out loud on the train reading this!

  11. Lauren

    Ugh I hate getting out of workout tights showering and then putting on other tights.

  12. Jenna

    All so true! Forgot my knickers today actually… awkward run without them but thankfully I was the only one who knew!


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