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Why all Runners Could Benefit from Aqua Aerobics

Nov 19, 2014 | Running | 1 comment


On a recent trip to St Lucia, Tom and I were lucky enough to be given a guest pass to The Body Holiday. With numerous activities on offer to guests, as well as daily spa treatments included- it sounds like my ideal getaway! Not to mention the stunning view.

We positioned ourselves on sun loungers right next to the Smoothie Bar to ensure we could try as many as possible (apparently we were more interested in these than the rum cocktails on offer at our hotel!) Just as I was tucking into iced coffee smoothie, I heard them call out for Aqua Aerobics. I stated to Tom that it sounded fun, but sat back with my book. However after a little encouragement, and the promise that the lady sitting on the lounger next to us would join me, I made my way to the pool.

Surrounded by 20 or so other women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, the music started pumping and our instructor told us to get moving. We were kicking our legs about, swishing our way around the pool all while laughing a lot.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics

Why All Runners/Everyone Could Benefit from Aqua Aerobics 

  • It’s low impact, so great for the joints and aching muscles.
  • It attracts people of all ages and abilities, all shapes and size. You can end up speaking to the most fascinating people that you may not bump into at your regular gym.
  • You can’t take it too seriously, no-one can excel at Aqua Aerobics, so you just have to give it a go. Unless you’re a synchronised swimmer, or maybe Tom Daley, you look just as mal-cooridnated in the water as the rest of us. I spent most of the session laughing with the other ladies.
  • You can easily adjust the resistance based on effort- it’s far harder to get your leg out of the water when doing high knees than keeping it just under the surface!
  • All fitness levels are on a level playing field, great to do with friends or family that might not be that sporty.
  • It can easily be done as part of a double day workout, or on a low impact training day.
  • Most local gyms and pools offer Aqua Aerobics classes, meaning it can be a really affordable option.
  • It makes you fully understand the importance of a good swimsuit. (I wasn’t prepared to be bopping around in the pool, and so didn’t know whether to use my hands to hold up my bottoms or my top.)

After my very strenuous workout, it was back to the smoothie bar to recover and enjoy the view…

The Body Holiday

The Body Holiday

1 Comment

  1. Bibi

    I actually just went to aquerobics on Tuesday, for the first time in years. She had us doing resistance work with a pool noodle that has made me ACHE in ways I haven’t in my normal training, ever. There was a woman there who was definitely 75+, and another large woman – I love that it’s so inclusive!



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