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21 Day Yoga Challenge Complete

Feb 4, 2014 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

I did it. I officially completed 21 days of yoga in January and I feel so proud of myself. When I started this challenge, I actually didn’t really like yoga, and didn’t get why so many people were so into it. What I’ve realised is that you just have to find the right type of yoga for you, and that you might not love them all. Over the past month, I’ve tried out a number of different styles of yoga, types of classes and videos and have worked out that ones that I’ll be adding to my workout schedule, the ones I’ll be giving a miss and those that maybe I need to give another go.

Yin Yoga- I took this class at my gym one lunchtime, and I felt so relaxed after it. Instead of flowing through positions, we held them for up to 5 minutes- so much harder than it sounds. My hips will welcome this addition to my gym schedule, although I might have to try harder not to fall asleep in the Yoga Nidra at the end of class.

Yang and Yin- Still my favourite class.

Bliss Glow Yoga-warm, relaxing, restoring, I loved this class. I just wish I had been going home afterwards rather than straight out to the cinema. The perfect way to end a hectic work week, and a great back up for when Yang and Yin is fully booked.

Hot Pod Yoga- warm vinyasa flow in a heated pop up tent. The class was fast paced and I certainly worked up a sweat. I loved going with my Mum but I’m not sure I would go to the class on my own.

Forrest Yoga- I’d love to try this again, it really challenged my strength and flexibility.

Bikram-I’m not convinced about Bikram yoga yet. Due to locations and timetables I only made it to 2 Bikram classes during my challenge, and I didn’t love them. I find the heat too intense, and the moves don’t flow like they do in other classes. With that said, I do feel like I need to give it another chance and take a few more classes before I give up on it.

Vinyasa- I feel like I get a bit of a core workout during Vinyasa flow classes, and as much as I love the classes at Triyoga, I’ve luckily found a great teacher at my gym so that I don’t have to pay extra for classes.

I’ve noticed, more than my flexibility or strength, I’ve become more openminded and appreciative of the meditative side of yoga. I love the release of stress in the OM, the low lighting or candle light in class, and the peacefulness of practise. I am becoming familiar with sequences and poses in my regular classes and although I don’t love a yoga class as much as an awesome run, I recognise the power and importance of stretching and de-stressing in my hectic life. In short, I am a convert.

Here’s how some of the other awesome yogis involved got on with the challenge… 

Sam Sparrow

I was a self confessed anti-yogi before this challenge started. I’d done one class several years ago, couldn’t keep up and hated it. I think if I’m honest it was more about the negative attitude I’d brought into the room than anything about the class, but I refused to try yoga again. That is of course until I started training for my first marathon (and first real run at all) and I got injured. My Physio told me I had to make yoga part of my life so this challenge seemed the perfect way to force myself into it.

I don’t want to gush too much, but I am absolutely transformed. Attitude wise that is – I’m not an expert at tree pose yet! I have loved every second of getting on the mat this month, and as well as providing a real release after running training and helping to manage my injuries, it’s decluttered my mind too. This month I’ve started a new stressful job, stepped up my marathon training and started to buy my first house and forcing myself to make time for yoga has allowed me to stress less, sleep better and keep calm. By doing yoga almost every day my confidence has improved too. Before this challenge I was far too scared to walk into a yoga studio on my own – I didn’t feel like I looked like a person who did yoga, but those misconceptions have gone out of the window.

What I have loved about yoga is the sense of progression – I feel that by going regularly you can really see improvements both in your breathing, your mind and flexibility. I’ve learnt more about my body in 21 days than I have in 30 years (hello loose hips – it’s something to celebrate apparently) and I feel that this practice is something I’ll now keep with me forever. I’ve surprised myself by enjoying a sweaty flow class just as much as a beautiful deep yin practise and I can’t wait to try more and do more this year. I’d even like to go on a yoga holiday! 

I’ll be continuing workshops at Frame in Shoreditch and evening classes at Blue Cow Yoga this year but one thing is for sure – It might have been just 21days but pigeon pose is now for life!

The first week of January 2014 came and went in a flash and I was yet to get back into my fitness routine. I spotted Charlie's #21daysofyoga exactly 21 days till the end of January and thought it must be fate. Knowing that yoga and running compliment each other so well. I knew I had to incorporate yoga back into my weekly routine. Especially as I intend to race quite a bit this year.

 I loved the #21daysofyoga from start to finish. I tried numerous forms of yoga including Ashtanga, vinyassa flow, hot yoga, power yoga and even a Dru Yoga Class at various studios as well various vinyasa flow sessions via NTC and Leah Kim's yoga videos on YouTube.

Incorporating yoga daily helped me be more mindful and more focused on my breathing. The challenge has also taught me about the discipline of my yoga practice and the importance of dedication and discipline in training and in my everyday life. It's also helped me to let go, relax and release tension. Furthermore my strength both physically and mentally has improved as has my flexibility meaning I'm now not far off holding a crow pose.

Here's a shout out and a massive thank you to Charlie for organising and promoting such a great #21daysofyoga challenge. Bring on the next one!

Jill Kennedy

Charlie’s yoga challenge arrived at an excellent time. At the beginning of January I’d just returned from travelling and had moved back to my Mum’s whilst looking for a new job and flat.

I’ve practiced Bikram yoga for years and was worried when I realised her house was over 80 miles from the nearest studio! I didn’t want to put yoga on hold so I signed up to the 21 day challenge, aiming to do a daily home practice. I was surprised how much I enjoyed practicing at home when I was so used to studio classes. YouTube is fantastic and I tried loads of different styles which have definitely improved my balance and flexibility.

I loved checking #21daysofyoga on Twitter to see how everyone was getting on. It was a great support network and really interesting to read what you were all doing. Thankfully, I’m living near a Bikram studio again and would love to complete Teacher Training this year. The challenge has got me into the habit of rolling out my mat at home and I love fitting in a few sun salutations in the morning!

#21daysofyoga was great start to 2014 – hopefully something that will run annually and attract more and more yogis! Thanks, Charlie!

Thank you and congratulations to everyone that has taken part in this challenge!! I'm so pleased that so many of you got involved! For the final well done, anyone that took part in the challenge, regardless of whether you finished or not, please comment below for your chance to win a £50 Lorna Jane Voucher! Winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 12th February. 


  1. Beki Cadd

    Congrats Charlie! And thanks for hosting the challenge. I think you’re right that it takes a while to find the style of yoga, and a teacher, that you really enjoy- they’re all so different! It was great to make yoga a regular part of my week though 🙂 xx

  2. Katie@BrandedRunner

    Thanks Charlie- I didn’t finish in January (due to a pesky cold that ruled out all exercise for a week, boo!) but I’ve still achieved the aim of making stretching a regular habit- I’m now committed to a Monday yoga class at my gym, two Pilates classes and I’ve turned my spare room into a mini studio to use my Yoga app 🙂

  3. Stephanie M

    Well done Charlie and everyone that took part! So nice to hear about all the different styles people tried, I think often people are put off “yoga” and don;t realise that there is something for everyone!

  4. Emskibeach

    Fantastic post Charlie glad yoga is working for you – I really enjoyed in in Morocco in the summer of last year but haven’t really done much since at home. There is a large amount of places to practice here but I am put off by the cost of the classes – although now I am back at the gym I might have to have a look into the classes there and have a go!

  5. Christina Ieronymidou

    Yay! Well done to you and everybody who took on the challenge! It makes me happy that you (and I hope many others) have come to appreciate yoga a bit more as a result. Yoga love for everybody!
    I managed 20 days by the end of January, as I only hopped on the bandwagon a couple of weeks late, but I did my 21st day on the 1st of Feb.
    I am yet to try Yang & Yin though.. sooooon


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