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20 Minute Cardio Blast Treadmill Workout

Feb 6, 2014 | Active Travel | 0 comments

The breakfasts in our hotel are incredible, it’s buffet style and there is anything you could want and more. On our first day I resisted the waffle station and went for eggs and fruit, trying to remain slightly healthy. However, the following day I decided to hit the gym before breakfast and earn my waffles. I completed a leg/glute workout before moving on to the treadmill to complete this 20 minute cardio blast. The speed is in KM as the treadmill didn’t have a mile converter. I’ll try to post my treadmill workouts in the future with both conversions as I know how hard it is to convert it yourself while you’re running!

I ran back from the hotel gym to our room via this gorgeous view! We’re coming to the end of our holiday now, and I do wish that I’d run outside, but I would have to have got up seriously early to avoid the heat, and sadly my room mate is all about the holiday lie ins!

What’s the breakfast/meal that is worth earning? My waffles tasted so much better having worked for them, plus I felt energised at the start of my day. It’s our last day in Mauritius at the moment, and we’re currently experiencing a Cyclone. Not sure how much sunbathing and swimming will be done today. Just hoping our flight can leave tomorrow as planned. Have a great day! 


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