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Vitality 10,000m Race Recap 2016

May 30, 2016 | Race Recaps | 7 comments

Firstly, an apology. There is no vlog this week. I bought a very snazzy new camera to use for my blogs and vlogs but all my SD cards are too old to work properly with the 4K (very snazzy filming technology/quality) so when I tried to film, they didn’t work. SORRY!

But check out my Snapchat story from today’s race for some video footage – follow me there @therunnerbeans.

Vitality 10000m TheRunnerBeans snapchat

I ran my first race since November this morning, earning my first race bling in 2016 at the London 10,000m. I’ve run this race before in 2013 and 2014 and always enjoyed the route – although it’s usually really crowded.

This year was my slowest finish in 56.47 (side note – why did it take so long to get the results from this race when major marathons can text your finish time in minutes? These weren’t released until 7pm!)

I met up with my Mum & Step Dad at Cafe Nero by Green Park station this morning, where they kindly took my bag and coat etc, I used the loo and had a quick Flat White. I then hot footed it/warmed up on my way to the start corrals. My friend Char and I were both in the black wave – the second group to start I think.

This race is huge so the starts are staggered, and we crossed the start line about 10mins after the original gun. I was running this race ‘naked’ – knowing that I would obsess over pace if I wore a watch or set my RunKeeper going. Char would give me updates every mile with our pace, more out of interest rather than because we were going for a specific time.

The course is pancake flat, which means that it’s great for PBs…if you can get right to the front. The timed corrals do not remove the need to run around slower runners or walkers right at the start – although perhaps we were the slow ones in our wave.

Vitality 10000m

Vitality 10000m

We saw my Mum & Step Dad at 3K, just after grabbing some water (yay bottles on course rather than cups). Both Char and I felt really dehydrated when we started to stopped at both water stations for drinks!

Without realising we ran negative splits, and hearing Char call out sub 8.45 paces was really encouraging, especially as I felt like I was running really slowly. I still have a lot of work to get back to marathon fitness and speed but this was a great first step.

Running past my parents again just before 7K…

Vitality 10000m

And a sprint finish from the 400m mark – we both picked up our paces significantly so we felt like we were flying near the finish line. I heard someone call my name but was too busy snap chatting to turn around (Sorry Helena) – and over the line.


Not bad for my longest run in 4 months, and so much fun to run with Char. It’s our first race together since running the Windsor 8K back in July 2009! I really do love this race, and am looking forward to tackling a similar course at the British 10K in a couple of weeks.

Straight back to Cafe Nero for a yogurt and iced coffee (and loo).

Vitality 10000m


  1. W. Purves.

    Well done. G.

  2. Nicole

    congrats on getting back to the starting line!!

    • charlotte

      Thanks Nicole!

  3. TaleOfTwoRuns

    Congrats 🙂 I run this one too, it is very crowded indeed! I did a 54:23 and was also in the black wave right at the front… too bad i missed you 🙁 Have a great week!

    • charlotte

      Awesome well done!

  4. Helen

    This used to be one of my favourite races and the first one I ran sub hour at. I agree though – the timing pens didn’t do much to prevent walking round people at the start, but I guess that’s due to people over-estimating their ability or being loathe to drop back to a slower pen?

    See you in a few weeks at the British 10k!


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