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Tokyo Marathon Training Week 2 in Israel

Nov 5, 2017 | Active Travel | 3 comments

Sorry this is so behind! My trip to Israel scuppered a lot of my time for blogging/editing which I’m certainly not complaining about but is the reality. There are a couple of posts I have planned for this week including a race recap from the Marlow 7 Miler that I ran this morning, but in the meantime, here’s a roundup of week 2 Tokyo Marathon training.

Monday – REST DAY! 

Tuesday – We had plans to go for dinner with some of Tom’s friends, so I hit the gym straight after a day at University for a quick hills session at Virgin Active Merchant Square (they’ve kindly given me some guest passes). The workout was 6 minutes at threshold pace, then 10 sets of 4o second hills (gradient 5%, 12.8 KPH) with 40 second recoveries.

Wednesday – Felt exhausted all day – even fell asleep in a taxi from an event back to my parents house so skipped today’s workout. Enjoyed a Cryotherapy session instead… find out my thoughts on Cryotherapy in this post.

Thursday – A ridiculously tough Barry’s Bootcamp class with Sonya Moses – her classes are killer. Went to the class with my friend Sarah, then onto a session with Harvey at Function 360 Physiotherapy. My bum and legs were toast after the morning, thank goodness I also had a sports massage booked with Leyla at Function 360 that afternoon.

Check out my video as to why sports massages should potentially be less hard/painful than we think…

Friday – Pre flight run with Emma. I cannot repeat enough times how lucky I am to have this girl in my life. She is ALWAYS up for a run, no matter how early… 4 miles at 5.30am (so early that I forgot to film ?)

Tokyo Marathon Training 5.30am training run

Saturday – After a full day looking around Jerusalem on our Vibe Israel trip (let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do a travel review of our day in Jerusalem) I hit the hotel gym for a quick treadmill workout.

3 X 3,2,1 with 60 second recoveries between reps and 90 second recoveries between sets.

3 mins at 5K pace – around 7.40 min mile

2 mins at 3K pace – around 7.15 min mile

1 min sprint – around 6.55 min mile

Sunday – casual 5K running tour of Tel Aviv with Reaction Club thanks to Vibe Israel. Although it wasn’t quite as informative as I would have liked (I thought it might be like my running tour of Stockholm however this was more of a group run to the beach without the info about the city) it was still a lot of fun. Plus it was a great way to discover running routes for us to try on my own during the rest of the trip.


  1. Eve

    Do you have room for a treadmill at home? Ours folds up so can be stashed away relatively easily. We had ours handed down from my inlaws but I’m sure you could find a decent deal on one and then, over time, it’s way less than a gym membership!

  2. Chiswickmum

    Yes, I’d love a review of your day in Jerusalem please. Xx

  3. Lindsay

    I love travel reviews. And with that I’d say yes, please to a review of your day in Jerusalem. I am actually three weeks from being in London for two weeks. I cannot wait. I have a race set up for Wednesday December 6th in the evening. I am nervous. Do you live in London? Will you be running any races next month? Maybe we will cross paths.


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