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Tips for Blogging on the Go

Aug 18, 2015 | Uncategorized | 16 comments

Blogging on the go

I know from experience that I get the most traffic when I post regularly- I know my views come mostly from new posts rather than my old content (a future post talking about re-purposing old stuff!!) Me blogging on holiday is one of Tom’s pet peeves and so over the years I’ve tried to streamline not only my equipment but also the process of me blogging on the go. This keeps my blog ticking over and the boyfriend happy!

1. Pre-schedule some blogs to go up while I’m away, so that if I don’t blog at all, there will still be fresh content being published. This is also a great time to host guest posts on your blog if you want from friends and other bloggers. Schedule your shares using something like Co-schedule (it’s a game changer).

2. Update social media fairly regularly, again keeping new, relevant content going up. I actually just got Snapchat – follow me at therunnerbeans – although I haven’t played with this much, it is a really great way of keeping your followers engaged while you’re away/on the go! I’m also on Periscope – @charliedwatson/therunnerbeans.

3. Take a LOT of photos. It’s easier and quicker to build a blog around photos you’ve already taken.

4. Use your downtime to blog. Tom usually wants a nap when we’ve had busy days on City breaks and I’ll use this time to blog either in the hotel room, lobby or café. Similarly, I wake up super early even on hols so use this time in the morning before everyone else wakes up to blog, check social media and read other blogs.

5. Think about setting up a Tumblr that is much quicker to keep updated, you can post your regular posts on it too, but while away this can just be updated with single images and short bits of text.

6. Pre-write some draft posts, then add in photos and extra copy from your trip to make them timely and relevant, such as my ‘How to stay healthy on a long haul flight’ post, publishing them in real time while you’re away.

7. You can also use an app to schedule your social media- Hootsuite just added the ability to schedule instagram!

logitech keyboard

On past trips, I’ve taken my laptop with me, which takes up a fair amount of room, especially if I’m travelling with only a carry-on bag. I was recently sent a Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard for my ipad and used it to blog on my holiday in Portugal. It is so easy to use as well as being easy to pack in a mini suitcase or handbag. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t ideal on an Ipad and it does take a little more patience than blogging on a laptop, but it’s worth it for short trips!

Other bloggers I know take time off completely when they’re away, whilst others just reduce their blogging frequency. Neither mean you’re necessarily going to lose traffic, in fact Leah text me this morning and let me know hers has stayed consistent despite her lack of internet access!

Do you blog while you’re away? What are your tricks and tips for staying up to date?


  1. healthehelen

    I tend to schedule most of my posts before I go – then run posts on my trips when I get back so I don’t have to blog on holiday. I don’t even own a laptop as for me that leads to working on holiday. If I can’t get everything written, I at least post the photos on draft posts, I find that the most frustrating thing on the wordpress app and so if they’re in position I can write round them. I then do the leftover posts on the plane to pass a few hours. I have an ipad and a bluetooth keyboard which works better than trying to type on the screen. Admittedly this doesn’t always work well and I once published six posts in about three minutes (including one with an embargo) when I thought I was scheduling them! Cue panic.

    • charlotte

      Oh dear! I know the feeling of something like that going wrong! Why are ipads so irratic?

  2. fitlivingblog

    These are great tips! I am about to go on a long weekend vacation and I have a few blogs to go up while I’m gone. I’m planning to wake up a little earlier than everyone else so that I can stay somewhat connected while I’m away 🙂

    • charlotte

      Such a great idea to wake up before everyone else- I find it’s really peaceful at that time too!

  3. Erica {}

    Great tips! I try to work as little as possible on vacation, but I do that by pre-writing a few posts, scheduling them (and older posts) to be shared on social media at various times throughout the week, and updating with tons of photos while on location to ‘live twee’ my time there. It’s fun, and doesn’t feel too much like work!

    • charlotte

      I agree! Plus then it makes sure you have photos for recap posts if you want to do them when you get back!!

  4. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    Some great tips here.

    Up until recently I had a break from blogging when I went away, but for the last 2 week trip I spent ages writing blog posts before I went and it really worked – my blog traffic stayed the same, and I got lots of comments which was fab. Only problem is when I got back I had no time whatsoever and so rather than having two weeks off while I was away, I’ve now had nearly two weeks off since. Oops.

    • charlotte

      haha well done- but never mind!!

  5. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Hootsuite totally helps! However, I haven’t been using it that much lately, but it’s always nice to schedule social media posts so you can feel at ease that your content is getting out there!

  6. Raechel

    This is a really helpful post. I’m just starting a series on how to blog (for beginners) and looking for sources to refer to in my posts. Yours is definitely one I’ll come back to!

  7. Georgina

    Great tips Charlie! I use the logitech keyboard too and it’s a game-changer! I hope to keep up some semblance of blogging while I’m on honeymoon… but I guess it all depends how much time I have in the lead-up to it!

    • Georgina

      Oh and I’m terrible at scheduling social media stuff at the best of times, let alone for when I’m away… I just don’t know what to schedule! Such a #badblogger

  8. rularuns

    I’m really enjoying these blogging posts – as a relatively new /inexperienced blogger i’m learning lots – thank you!

  9. Mary

    Dan is rubbish at early mornings, so I tend to get up early before him and check in on social media. Most of my posts will be pre-written and scheduled…if I end up getting organised beforehand!
    Tweetdeck is also great for scheduling links to blog posts but not until they go live.

    • charlotte

      I haven’t tried tweetdeck before but may have to give it a go!

  10. MrsB | mind over matter

    I don’t take blogging very seriously 🙂 I don’t blog on holidays or pre-write posts. I don’t want to think about my blog at all while I’m getting a tan somewhere nice.


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