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Say it, Do it after a weekend in the country

Mar 11, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I had a lovely weekend at a friend’s house in Dorset this weekend. It was very relaxed with supper on Friday night, a pub lunch and an afternoon watching the Six Nations Rugby games in front of a fire, a boozy evening and a roast on the Sunday whilst watching Argo. A perfect way to spend the weekend with friends.

Unfortunately, not so waist-line friendly. 

I wasn’t so keen on the number I saw on the scales this morning, and I realise that I have let my exercise and healthy eating habits slide a bit recently and it’s time to pick it back up, learn from those mistakes and start making healthier life choices again.

Say it, Do it:

Monday- Swiss Ball Pilates and BodyPump class (done and done!)

Tuesday- Spin Class

Wednesday-Speed workout on the treadmill

Thursday- Legs, Bums and Tums class

Friday- 3 mile run

Saturday- Rest

Sunday-Bike Ride

This is a blurry image from my Pilates class last week- it’s blurry because I was embarrassed about taking it and was trying to run away whilst still taking the photo. 
In other embarrassing news, in today’s BodyPump class I had to purposefully stand at the back of the class in the corner as I knew my leggings were rather see through!
Have you got an embarrassing gym story to share?  

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  1. Ffion

    See through leggings: I’ve been there!


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