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Psycle: Not Your Average Spin Class

May 15, 2014 | Uncategorized | 11 comments

I love/hate spinning. I love the sweat, the handwork and the feeling afterwards, but I don’t love the feeling of severe leg burning, especially when it could affect my running the following day. I was given a couple of passes to try out Psycle, a newish spinning studio in central London. Luckily for me, it’s really close to my office so is perfect for a pre-work spin.

I met up with Charlie for the 7.30am class, (I’ve also tried a few other morning and evening classes) last Friday morning. Morning workouts are my absolute favourite – love getting a sweat on before a day at work. I am definitely a morning person which helps, although that wasn’t the case when I was younger! It’s free to borrow bike shoes for your class, and once you’ve registered once online they know your size to hand over when you arrive. Tip: don’t try to put them on before you walk down the stairs, they are very slippy. 

The changing rooms are amazing. I’ve heard that the most used piece of equipment in any gym is the hairdryer- and Psycle has taken this on board. They have thought of everything that you need; hair ties, deodorant, towels and hair towels, tampons, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair straighteners. Plus a snazzy water fountain to fill up your drink bottles.

There are two studios, one larger than the other. My advice is to try to get a bike near the front, it’s easier to see and hear the teacher. The bikes are easy to set up, with help on hand for first timers (or every time if you’re me!) Love the chevron on the bikes. Towels are left on the bike for you already, and you just have to choose what hand weights to choose; light, medium or heavy. I’ve always opted for medium pink weights. I think they’re about 2kg, although at the end of the workout they feel like 10kg.

Class starts with a warm up; it involves clapping and whooping, all very un-British. We then get into riding, however it’s never too hard on the legs, and usually involves the whole body. Throughout the class whether you’re doing press ups on the handlebars, or traversing from the front to the back of the bike, you’re always moving. But with music as good as it is, it would be hard not to. It takes a certain amount of co-ordination for some of the moves, which I don’t have, however I just about got away with it in the dark room.

Just over halfway through class there’s a song that’s just for you to take at whatever speed you like, to use for contemplation, hydration or stretching. I actually really like the reflection time during the song, particularly in a morning class.

The class really is a full body workout, including a few ballet moves, a full arm workout (or so it feels), plus your core gets a good amount of action. It actually feels more like a circuits class rather than a traditional spin class. As with all classes, I got more of a workout in some than others, depending on teacher and how hard I worked!

Pyscle is not for everyone, although I’ve gone with a few friends and all of them have loved it, I know others that didn’t get it. Whether you love or hate it, it’s worth a try. I only wish that it wasn’t so pricey- at £20 a class it would be a treat to go with friends rather than a regular class for me. 


  1. mia79gbr

    Love the sound of this!! Looks like an early morning disco!! No coffee required – just psycle!! 🙂 Curious though as some of the bikes appear to be wearing dresses!!

    • Charlie

      I know, the bike decoration is rather snazzy!

  2. Stephanie M

    You can see why it’s £20 with all the stuff they provide, adding a lot of value. So good about the weights and stuff too – a full body workout is what I would go for. Shame it’s so far away from me, I’d love to give it a go!

    • Charlie

      A weekend followed by brunch???


    I am actually planning a trip to London soon to visit much-talked about places, like Indaba, BOOMcycle – and Psycle too! I love spinning, I find I get the leg burn you speak of mid-class, especially around hovers, but then it’s released by the end. Great review anyway!

    • Charlie

      Thank you, hope you enjoy the class!!

  4. Katy

    I looked a their website last week and fancied giving it a go, which I most definitely will after reading this! 🙂 I love spin but this sounds even better to the usual classes! x

    • Charlie

      Definitely a fun spin class, rather than just sweat dripping, legs burning etc!

  5. Anonymous

    £20 a class that’s ridiculous – only in London! Is it cheaper if you take your own weights, towels and cycling shoes 😉 Great Blog BTW.

    • Charlie

      I know, haha sometimes I do wish that, but part of it’s luxury feel is all the niceties!

  6. Kristin

    I once visited Psycle when I was in London last year. It was great workout. Great review anw. I love spinning. It’s the only thing I miss about not having a gym membership and working out at home. You feel so strong after a spin class! 🙂



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