Podcast Interview with Nick Kershaw, Founder Impact Marathon Series

The podcast is back! Fortnightly episodes will be posted on Sundays interviewing runners, chatting about marathon training, injury, nutrition, and kit.

Sept 9th – I chatted with Nick, founder of Impact Marathon series whilst we were in Malawi.

You can read all about my experience at the Malawi Marathon here.

Impact Marathon Series have recently launched a Crowdfund on CrowdCube  I’ve invested/donated to company because I think it is a brilliant and well executed concept. Tom and I had an amazing time in Malawi and are both keen to return to the Nepal race in 2019! Want to join us? Find out more here… 

Malawi Impact Marathon

I met Nick at Project Awesome in 2015, and always looked forward to his sweaty hugs, positive attitude and trademark backwards cap (he is very rarely seen without a trucker cap).

Nick Kershaw – Founder of Impact Marathon Series 

Former finance professional who, inspired by the concept of Impact Investment, and the B-Corporation movement has driven the impact Marathon on from bootstrapped startup to where we are now, all whilst living as a nomad out of just two bags for the last three years.

In 2015, Nick founded the Uganda International Marathon and went on to win Best International Event at the UK Running Awards. From this proof of concept, he honed the idea to be more sustainable, scalable and professional. He is the heartbeat and the passionate driver of the team.

Thanks for listening to the podcast – it’s a little rough and ready but I’m hoping with time and practice, the sound quality will improve! Please subscribe to the podcast to make sure you never miss an episode, and feel free to send me feedback and suggestions for future episodes!

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  1. Abbasi Hamed
    September 12, 2018 / 7:18 pm

    Hey there Charlie. Couple of weeks back I asked your opinion about a at home glutes training program (http://bit.ly/2webWV0). There was a huge discount on this training program and 60 days money back guarantee; so, I moved ahead and purchased it (I don’t know if the discount is still on or no). But, I am glad I bought it. My glutes feel firmer already after almost 2 weeks … Thanks Charlie, and keep the podcasts coming, this one was very interesting… 😉

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