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My Essential Running Kit

Oct 14, 2021 | Kit, Running, Uncategorized

I think the most common question I’m asked – probably on a daily basis is – what kit do you recommend. Where are your shorts from? What hydration pack should I get? and so on. So here we are – my essential running kit. I update on a regular basis to make sure that I am sending you to a place where it’s in stock with the best price.

Garmin Fenix 6S

Forerunner 245

Triumph Triaction Extreme Lite and Hybrid Lite Sports Bra

These are my GO-TO running sports bras. No chafing issues, maximum support and they come in fun colours. I’ve worn these for every race and most runs since 2016!

Lululemon Fast & Free Leggings

It’s all about the SIDE POCKETS – I won’t wear any leggings on the run without pockets for my phone and keys. These high waisted, chafe free pair are a solid staple in my running wardrobe (I have at least 5 pairs on rotation)

Lululemon Fast & Free 6 inch shorts

Side pockets (plus a pocket at the back), these flattering length cycling style shorts are ideal for providing a little more coverage on the run

Lululemon Track That 5’ shorts

Love these colourful shorts for hot runs, treadmill sessions and speed work!

Brooks Ghost 14 shoes

My go-to easy run shoe, providing plenty of cushioning and support for this heel striker.

Sweaty Betty Power 6inch cycling shorts

A new fave from this summer – if I were to run a marathon tomorrow, I would be wearing these!

Nathan Sports Intensity Women’s 6L hydration pack

I’ve worn this during a couple of marathons, countless long runs and run commutes. It’s designed to fit a woman’s shape – unlike many unisex hydration packs, so it actually fits hips and tits!

Goodr Running Sunglasses

Fun, stylish, comfy and won’t break the bank so no stressing if you throw them off in anger mid-marathon, or accidentally step on them during a cool down.

Maya Gregory 16L commuting backpack

after testing many, many running backpacks, this came top for fit and comfort, it doesn’t bounce around and you can fit your laptop in!