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It was so nice to have the whole day off work on Thursday, despite an afternoon flight. After running some errands, I packed and got the Gatwick express to meet Char for our 4 day adventure. We both had carry-on luggage only and breezed through security. On the other side we went for lunch at EAT, I chose a Mezze salad which turned out to be delicious! I want to create my own version of this for lunch at work!

Char was starving and chose a cheese and onion pie.

We mooched around the airport and picked up some carry-on size shampoo, conditioner and shower gel (I hate how strict they are, you end up spending a fortune on minis and new bottles of water)

On board I ate the brownie that Char had kindly bought me at Borough Market earlier that morning. Such a treat with a cup of tea! I also noticed that we got 50p off a hot drink on board with our print-out boarding passes. Food and drinks onboard Easyjet is so overpriced, and usually not that pleasant!

Arriving in Verona we picked up a taxi to take us to our B and B, it was at this point we realised that between us we spoke no Italian. Not a single word. We managed to pick up ‘Grazie’ and ‘Ciao’ and 

ended up using a mixture of Spanish, English and hand gestures for the rest of the weekend!

For supper we walked into town, about 5 mins from the B and B. Verona was so beautiful all lit up.

We had asked the B and B owner if he had any restaurant suggestions, and he recommended we walked down Via Sottoriva as there were a couple of good options along the road. After one slightly over-friendly waiter explained his ENTIRE menu, we excused ourselves and promised to return another evening, and settled on Trattoria Verona Antica. 

We found this mirror in an alley outside a restaurant. Had a few goes before we were both in shot.

What a good choice it turned out to be. I had an amazing glass of red, so light and tasty. We were planning on sharing Beef Carpaccio but somewhere this was lost in translation and we ended up with one each. We did not complain. It was amazing, melt-in-your mouth WOW. We then successfully shared a Wild Boar pasta and pumpkin and sausage pasta. Washed down with a free hazelnut liquor- I drank mine on behalf of both of us.


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