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If it’s not Raining, it’s not Training

May 17, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

‘If it’s not raining, it’s not training’- encouraging words I received on twitter when I complained about the horrid weather conditions just before our Amazons Bootcamp. This picture sums up how we were feeling pretty well…

Luckily we’re hardened runners, so weren’t put off by a little drizzle (or torrential downpour).

We started our session with Ana, Amazons founder and owner, with a warm up jog and some boxing. I haven’t done a lot of boxing but it was a brilliant if exhausting warm up. I am definitely signing up for some boxing style classes at the gym, punching the pad was both therapeutic and a great workout.

We had seen Ana bring a host of equipment from her car and were excited to see what we’d be doing. I felt like we were on the Biggest Loser or in a Crossfit workout, looking at the tyre, ropes, medicine ball and rice bags.

We completed a circuit for 40 seconds at each station, twice through.

Medicine ball throw downs
Rope slams
Tyre Drag, and hammer smashes
Rice bag shuttle runs
Rice bag squats
Sand bag lunges

After two rounds we switched back to boxing, both punching and kicking the pads again, before completing a final two rounds of the circuit. We then seemed to do 1000 squats of varying nature, and a few burpees throw in for good measure. My thighs, not to mention the rest of my body, were burning. I felt like I had a great all over workout, without really feeling like I was exercising. Our time absolutely flew by, helped along by a lot of laughter at our pain and general sogginess.

As Charlie correctly pointed out, some friends go for cake or tea or gin. We go for amazon bootcamp training in the pouring rain! Love having friends that are willing to do this with me!!

What’s your worst type of weather to train in? Mine is definitely rain, cold or hot is manageable but I hate the rain (unless I’m tucked up on the sofa with a cup of tea!)



    This looks like my kind of workout! Doesn’t LOOK too wet, though I’m sure it felt a lot different.

    • Charlie

      The problem was it poured with rain just before we started so we were soaked and the ground was wet! But it was a ton of fun!


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