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I know when to start my Christmas festivities after I go to the Messiah with my family. For as long as I can remember, my family have gone to the Royal Albert Hall on the last Sunday of November to sing Handel’s Messiah. That’s right, I said SING. Well, not all the family sing. I don’t think I was ever given a choice, I was always told that I would be sitting in the audience even when I was old enough to sing. Apparently everyone has always known that I am tone deaf.

So this year it was actually only my uncle and granny singing while the rest of us enjoyed listening in the audience. The atmosphere is really hard to explain as there are over 3000 people singing and only about 500 in the audience and the Albert Hall literally erupts with noise when the choir starts singing (this is not my video nor is it even The Messiah but it gives you a slight idea of what it might sound like if you were there). I love the Messiah, especially ‘The Halleluiah’s’.  It’s basically the choir singing the Christmas story and makes me feel really festive.

The other start of the season activities are ice-skating outdoors and drinking mulled wine.

I spent the weekend at my friend’s house in the country, so nice and relaxing. We enjoyed mulled wine whilst queuing to go ice-skating. Perfect! The ice was really full, and EJ was not very sure about letting go of the edge, I eventually prised her away and she let me guide her around for a bit. I was also asked to get off the ice when using my camera which means all my photos are terrible, and I gave up after getting frustrated with little children getting in my way!   

It was fun. For about half an hour. Then the other people on the ice got irritating, so we went to the pub.  


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