Are the Brooks Ghost 14 as good as the Ghost 12?

I’ve googled Brooks Ghost 12 many times, hoping to find a pair that has been unearthed in an independent running shop, or that someone bought, never wore and is now selling. 

I loved those shoes. 

I took it for granted that the Ghost 13 would be exactly the same…but they weren’t. And spoiler alert, neither are the Ghost 14’s.  I do like them more than the previous versions. But the comfort of the Ghost 12 is unrivaled in my opinion.

For those that like me, didn’t stockpile the Ghost 12, or if you haven’t tried a Brooks Ghost yet, hopefully this review will help make up your mind whether to try the 14’s or not… 

Are the Brooks Ghost 14 as good as the Ghost 12?

The Ghost 14 are Brooks first Carbon neutral shoes (they aim to be totally carbon zero by 2040). 

Brooks Ghosts are a workhorse, they have you covered for your; easy runs and long runs. And as I’ve written before, make a great beginner shoe

They have long been a neutral, heavily cushioned, stable shoe. It retains the 12mm toe drop, with the change to full DNA loft cushioning, the midsole is softer than in previous iterations of the shoe. 

I think what I like most about the Ghost 12 is that for a neutral shoe, there are nods towards features typically found in stability shoes. It had a stiff midsole (which has been made softer in the Ghost 14), and minimal sculpting on the heel – creating a stable landing for heel strikers, like myself. This has been changed in the 14’s and the new softer (thicker looking) DNA loft midsole is designed for ‘smoother transitions’, giving more energy. 

The Ghost 14s fit like a glove right out of the box. I have feet on the wider side. (Although I don’t quite need the wide fit version of the shoe.) And these shoes feel a little snugger than the 12s. If you do have a wide foot, it might be worth going up half a size or opting for the wide fit. 

Are the Brooks Ghost 14 as good as the Ghost 12?

Who might like the Brooks Ghost 14? 

For those that like a little cushioning underfoot, a classic ride that does the job without all the whistles and bells. Great for beginner runners. Those that are looking for a neutral, solid shoe that will see them through easy and recovery miles. 

I’m feeling very heavy on my legs right now. Many of my runs seem like a bit of a slog. But the Ghosts are shoes that I’m turning to time and time again. 

Overall, whilst it doesn’t feel quite like the comforting slipper I enjoyed from the Ghost 12, they are an absolute staple in my running shoe collection. Especially as I try to base build and ‘come back’ to running fitness.