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5 things Friday: My favourite Non-Running Blogs

Dec 6, 2013 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I read a lot of running blogs, particularly American ones, but I also like to read a few others, mostly food blogs, but also photography, lifestyle and beauty blogs. Here is a run down of my favourite non-fitness blogs…
The Londoner– I think this blog is a bit like marmite.. I love it and hate it. Although I only hate it because I’m envious of her lifestyle, clothes, hair, photography skills and non-post gym sweaty face. A great one to read about what’s going on in London. And to feel bad about my less exciting life.
Karen Russell– this lady takes amazing photos, and shares honest stories about her kids and life. She doesn’t do the whole ‘best life’ on the blog, it’s all there for you to see and read. 
Tanya Burr and Zoella– I know NOTHING about makeup, and am constantly asking friends that work in the industry for advice (and then forgetting it all). I am just not a very well put together person, much as I wish I could be! One day my hair and makeup will be immaculate and I’ll be wearing something trendy, until then I’ll watch Tanya and Zoella enviously, picking up a tip here and there that I can apply to my post gym applied makeup and never quite dry hair.
Skinny Taste and Smitten Kitchen– technically this is cheating, but both of these do amazing, drool worth recipes. Again, it’s all about the pictures!
Eat, live, Run– OK so I know this has running in the title, but actually I’ve yet to read a post about running! Her delicious recipes, great photos and informal chatter really appeal to me.
For me the most important things when reading a blog are the photos ( I love really good quality photos, pity I don’t seem to be able to take them myself!), and an upbeat tone- I get bored easily so I don’t want to know ALL THE DETAILS. I love getting a sneaky peak into other people’s lives, hence my attraction to lifestyle blogs (so nosy). I know there are a lot of US blogs in this list, I’d love if you could recommend some UK ones that I might like- fashion, photography, beauty, travel (actually very much in the market for a few travel based ones), please leave links in the comments box!

And because obviously I can’t have a post without at least one picture, here is my Day 4 of Fat Mum Fit’s December Photo Challenge 



  1. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    Thanks for the recos! I tend to read a lot of running blogs… so good to branch out 🙂

  2. Joshua Reed

    I agree with Lora! It is good to branch out. Those food blogs are amazing. Pretty sure I just friended them on every bit of social media. 🙂


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