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5 Healthier Ways to Start Your Day

Jun 3, 2015 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

I recently read a really interesting article about how some of the world’s most productive and influential women all have one thing in common. They all get up really early (some before 5am), in order to do this they go to bed early too. I love getting into bed by 10pm, ready to rise bright and early without needing to hit the snooze button.

Here are my top tips for better ways to start your days to leave you feeling happier, more refreshed, and of course, healthier!

Get outside

Now that the sun is rising so gloriously early, there’s no reason not to get a little Vitamin D before work. Whether it’s walking to the next tube stop along, making an early morning coffee dash, or heading out for a walk or run. Apparently, morning light helps sync your body clock, making you feel more awake!

If you really can’t get outside, at least make sure the curtains and windows are open around your house to brighten your mood.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a week, you’ll know that I love to workout first thing in the morning. It wakes me up, gives me so many endorphins to carry with me throughout the day, plus I generally make healthier food choices after exercising. Working out in the morning boost metabolism, and apparently improves daily activity compared to evening exercisers!

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Eat some protein

Add a portion of protein into your brekkie, whether that’s a protein smoothie, eggs, Greek yogurt or a handful of nuts. Protein helps your body feel fuller for longer, as well as balancing blood sugar levels, especially when it’s paired with some healthy fats.


Most of us reach for a cup of tea or coffee first thing, which can be really dehydrating to our already thirsty body. Pair your morning latte with a big glass of water, or better yet, begin the day with a hot water and lemon. So refreshing and cleansing.

Connect with others

Meet up for a breakfast date, schedule a workout with a friend or just send someone you love a text. I find that seeing others, and making cheerful conversation makes me happier throughout the day. Especially if you live in an city full of anonymous strangers, feeling like you’re loved can put a genuine smile on your face, making you ready to face the day ahead.

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  1. Miranda

    You’re right! The morning sunlight is SUCH a good motivator to get outside for a morning run. Also, I love a hot water & lemon in the morning. Such good tips – well, aside from getting up before 5am. My limit is 6! 🙂

  2. Mary

    I used to be in such a good routine of getting up at 5:30am each morning. Unfortunately, living with a guy who refuses to go to bed at 10pm makes it tough to keep up long term, but I find that I am much more productive in the mornings when I do wake early.

  3. Besma (@BesmaCC)

    Hi Charlie,

    Loved reading through this, although I internally wailed at even thinking about getting up at 5am. Would be nice to slowly adopt a good sleeping pattern though so I can afford to run in the morning instead of just a light yoga. Thanks for all your tips!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  4. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    Some great advice here. My morning routine is much more faffing lead… Alarm 5.30am and then 6am (just in case), outside to sort out Chip bunny, put washing out etc (at least I start with sunlight!), cup of tea and sort out food for the day, shower, wake up the other half repeatedly for half an hour, leave for work 7.30am (today I managed to get my butt on my bicycle), start work 8am (ish!), eat breakfast (smoothie or nuts and fruit or porridge) and drink cuppa as I check my email. I admit that when I cycle or walk the 4.5 miles to work I feel loads better all day than when I resort to the car… well except when it’s chucking it down with rain or blowing a gale, then I am very pleased that I have the car!

  5. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    I think my main tip is getting a good sleep routine. Even if I feel I ‘should’ sleep in on weekends like the rest of the sane world, all it does it ruin my ability to wake up bright and early during the week!

  6. Rachel

    I read that same article and you are SO right. Love these tips. Get up and move!! I still struggle to wake up early but that’s a result of not getting to bed quickly enough. 🙂


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