Yoga and Breakfast with Secret Urban Escapes and Spoon Cereals




My friend Annie set up an amazing breakfast cereal company called Spoon Cereals– you might have seen them on Dragon’s Den a few months ago! They do delicious porridge, granolas and smoothie style bowls. Order some of their amazing granola and muesli from their online shop!!

Annie posted about a yoga pop up class with Secret Urban Escapes that she was catering at; an amazing breakfast and a workout first thing on a Saturday morning, what could be better?

After a warm up cup of hot lemon, and a chocolate energy ball, we took to our mats. As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, yoga isn’t my favourite workout, however I’d heard great things about Rocket Yoga, and knew we were in for a sweaty practise!


Yoga Breakfast Club7



After a ridiculously hardcore workout the previous day, my arms could definitely feel it in Down Dog, not to mention the side planks. In fact, I collapsed in my left side plank after 30 seconds! I certainly felt like I got a great all over workout, and think that Rocket Yoga might be one of my new favourite styles of yoga, still can’t beat Yin yoga in my eyes though!!

At the end of the class, we were treated to an amazing personalised breakfast pot! I opted for the porridge with banana, almond butter, coconut oil plus yogurt and topped with granola. AMAZING! Time to become more adventurous with my breakfasts again!

Speaking to Iris, the founder of Secret Urban Escapes, it sounds like they have a lot of exciting events coming up, including a yoga class followed by healthy afternoon tea by Madeline Shaw in the future. Sign me up. Check out their website for more info on their upcoming events.




  1. February 12, 2015 / 1:57 pm

    I’ve heard of spoon, so cool that it is your friend. I love the sound of afternoon tea and yoga – googling now!

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