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The week of the marathon is officially upon us!! 30 weeks of early morning runs, long weekend runs and gym sessions culminate in Sunday’s 26.2 miler. To say that I am nervous is a huge understatement.
Couldn’t resist adding a photo of this!! 20 miles!
I am worried that my knee won’t hold up- I’ve experienced a bit of pain in my knee this weekend so have been icing it and taking it easy in the hope that it will get me see me through.
I am worried that my cough won’t get better in time and I will be coughing my lungs out whilst trying to run next week. I went to the doctor this morning who told me that it’s not a bacterial infection (good news!) and that I need to take my inhaler and ‘be careful’ on the course on Sunday, taking breaks to breathe when I need to! Meaning that I will not complete the marathon in my goal time of under 5 hours. Although to be honest, just finishing it will mean the world to me!

I am worried about the weather on Sunday. I am not a fair weather runner, I actually prefer it to be cold and a little drizzly out. Heat is my enemy! I am hoping for an overcast, cool day for the marathon (sorry spectators!)

I am worried that I won’t finish… This one will come down to my body and more importantly my mind.

I am determined to finish the marathon, but I am worried that my body will let me down. I ran 5 miles along the Lea Valley canal on Saturday, and I didn’t get into my groove. My legs and lungs just didn’t feel right, this doesn’t bode well for next weekend. I am hoping that a week of rest, stretching, a little light exercise and healthy eating will be just what my body and mind need to recuperate and psych myself up for the big day. Right now, crossing the finish line is my goal, even if it means walking in parts.
Me having just stoen my Mum’s bike


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