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Winter Running

Feb 12, 2013 | Running | 0 comments

Whilst I definitely prefer running outside to pounding a treadmill, sometimes it can be quite difficult to head out into the fresh air, especially when you are greeted with this when you check the weather…

I know people have to deal with far colder climates and a lot more snow, but with anything less than ‘perfect running weather’, I find it easy to talk myself out of a pre-work run! Yesterday, the snow wasn’t even settling, so no excuses!

I need to know that I’m not going to be cold on my run, so I have a few staple cold weather outfits to get me through the winter. My Mum kindly bought me these thermal running tights for my morning runs. They are lined with fleecy, sweat wicking material that certainly keep my legs warm. They don’t fit as well as my other go-to Nike long running tights but are really warm, and have an adjustable waist tie, perfect for tucking in the layers! Here is yesterday morning’s outfit- please excuse my very tired eyes, and clashing headband/jacket!

I hate wearing hats while running as I find I get far too hot and itchy, so opt for a fleece headband that will keep my ears warm and hair out of my face. This is actually the one I used to wear skiing.

I normally run before work around 6.45am, so a reflective jacket is crucial in the semi-darkness. It also is slightly wind/waterproof, and really light weight so I end up wearing it pretty much year round. I got mine in a sports shop closing down sale for about £15, bargain!

I hate wearing gloves when running for the same reason I hate hats; my hands get far too hot. I therefore opt for long sleeve tops that have thumb holes to add some warmth and protection for my hands. I can pull my sleeves down and over my hands at the beginning of my run until my hands warm up.

I’ve already talked about my Merino running top that I wore on my run this morning. It is really warm, with long thumb hole sleeves. I wore it with a thermal long sleeve top beneath it from Uniqlo’s heat tech range. They are great quality and great value- highly recommended!

I wear my normal sports socks and running shoes, although this sometimes means my feet are cold and soaked by the end of my run!

After my run I really look forward to a hot shower, cup of tea and delicious breakfast. Branflakes with strawberries today, not in the mood for porridge!

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What do you wear to run outside in the winter?


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