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Will Run for Brunch

Jan 25, 2014 | Running | 1 comment

Our run started at Wetherspoons…to use the loo.

We then ran from Tower Hill over Tower Bridge and to the South Bank. Running over Tower Bridge really reminded me of running over it during the London Marathon. I want to run it again!

Our group of 6 scooped up Sian near Millennium Bridge and ran towards Battersea, where we stopped for a fuel break around mile 6. I tried out the new Salted Caramel GU- wow it is delicious! It would probably get a little sickly if you took too many, but they’re so tasty I would actually eat them as a snack!

We ran through Battersea Park, then Sian split off and the rest of our group ran back along the Thames Path. With a quick photo/stretching break, obviously.

Finding a group of girls to complete my weekend long runs with is making marathon training feel a whole lot less difficult and overwhelming. Leah, Lissy, Lucy and myself are training for Paris, Charlie is training for Manchester and Katy is training for the London marathon.

Once we hit the path past Putney it was pretty wet and muddy. I might need to try some of the new waterproof trainers, like Becca’s, my foot got soaked when I stepped in a deep puddle. The river was teeming with rowers, with boats from a number of universities and schools in the area, including my own old school. There were loads of parents watching the rowing, making the path quite crowded and slowing our pace. Our average pace was 10.25 min miles.

We had 13 miles on the plan, but of course we had to add the extra 0.1 to run a full half marathon!

Our route took us directly to the door of my favourite brunch places- Outsider Tart. We treated ourselves to massive breakfasts, including chilli eggs and pancakes. If you’re ever in Chiswick, you must take a trip there.

And picked out some of their amazing brownies to indulge on later- I got peanut butter cheesecake, cookie dough and oatmeal cookie brownies to share with Tom. We didn’t actually tuck in to them there and then because Katy, Zoe and I  were off to an NTC spin class at Equinox taught by Sonja Moses. I just can’t say no to free classes, even after a long run.

Katy and I took the class easy, especially on the hill sections. I hope that loosening out our legs after the run will actually help with the pain tomorrow. I did not enjoy the section of squats at the end though.

I hope you’re having a great weekend, have you got any workouts planned? 

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  1. CheapRunnerMichelle

    I hate when I get a soaker when I am out on my run…it just makes the rest of the run miserable for me


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