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Who Inspires You to RUN?

Jan 19, 2018 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 1 comment

Who inspires you to do better? To work harder? To get out of bed with your game face on, even on the days where you’d much rather snuggle back into the covers?

There are so many people in my life, friends, family members, sports stars and internet strangers that help inspire me every single day. That motivate me to keep running, studying, pursuing my goals.

When a training session is tough, or doesn’t go to plan, I think of these people. When I feel overwhelmed and want to quit, I seek their advice or check out their Instagram page. Seriously, girls that I don’t know IRL (and some that I do have the privilege of knowing!) help me get out the door on days when I’m struggling…

Allie Kieffer 

I’ve raved on and on about being inspired by Allie Kiefer after listening to her on ALL the podcasts. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of her in the next few years. She came fifth at the New York City Marathon in 2017, and second American behind Shalane Flanagan… and she was self coached. She didn’t have the backing of a major sponsor, and instead was supported by her boyfriend and family, and a little bit of help from a project Nike were working on.

She’s now been picked up by Oiselle and recently won the Doha Half with a massive PR. Allie comes across as someone you’d just want to be friends with, especially after reading her blog for SELF ‘My Weight Has Nothing To Do With How Good a Runner I am‘. She is inspiring a generation of runners to come. For me, I’m inspired to stop giving excuses as to why I can’t, and figure out how I can…

You can listen to her interviews with Ali on the Run and Lindsay Hein here.

Molly Huddle and Sara Hall have also had some insane results recently.

The runners at 180° Tel Aviv

180° is a running and social group empowering people with disabilities through sports. It’s an awesome charity, that had loads of their runners taking part in the Tel Aviv Night 10K . They connect local runners, people from all over the city, with people with disabilities – and they both improve their lives. Their goal is to improve both the guide runners and those with disabilities abilities and potentials through sport.

Founder, Gai Ben-Dor answered an ad for running guide 10 years ago, and he and his running partner ended up running in the Beijing Olympics. He and his father set up 180° , where he met his wife Adi. They’ve since

As part of my trip to Tel Aviv with Vibe Israel, I got to spend the day with Adi. She had me put on a blindfold and try running down the street with it on. It was terrifying. I found it hard to keep my balance, kept worrying I was about to fall or run into a tree. It was a very stark reminder of the extreme challenges that runners with disabilities can face. And what an awesome job 180° are doing.

I was lucky enough to meet on of the 180°  runners, Dedi, a blind marathoner. He was training for an Ironman 70.3, and told me that he feels totally independent in the pool. He’s already done a couple of triathlons and will complete his 70.3 with a guide swimmer, on a tandem bike and guide runner. If he can do it, what excuse do we have?

All the Olympic Qualifiers at California International Marathon

The way the US Olympic trials works is that anyone who runs a qualifying time (the A standard is 2.37, 2.45 for B standard). At the California International Marathon a number of runners qualified for the Olympic trials, including 50 year old Molly Friel, two mums of 3 Amanda Cruise and Lauren Flores. I can’t imagine ever running that fast, but their dedication and hard work is inspirational!

Amanda Brooks

I feel privileged  to call Amanda my IRL friend now after staying with her and her husband in Denver, CO last year (trying to convince her to come over to the UK soon!). I’ve been so inspired following Amanda’s recovery from injury, she has been so diligent with her PT and physio work, strengthening both her body and mind for her return to running. Whenever I thought ‘I don’t want to run’, I would think of Amanda wanting to run so badly, and head out the door.

Missy Blurkit

Evelyn Ang Loo 

Lastly I just want to mention a friend that I met through my blog exchange with Malaysia Airlines a couple of years ago. Evelyn, known online as Missy Blurkit, was one of the kindest people and enthusiastic runners I have ever met. Sadly, she was hit by a car whilst pacing a marathon in December, and is still unconscious in the intensive care unit, following a month in a coma and multiple surgeries. Her friends and followers in Malaysia are all running miles for Missy, and I am too this weekend.

You can read all about our time in Kuala Lumpur together here. 

Plus a couple of extra instagrams that I love to follow;

NYC Running Mama

A Happy Pace

Elizabeth Healthy Life 

JBird Runs 

Track Club Babe

Tri and Run Girl

Jenna McHugh

Who inspires you? I’d love some more running motivation! 

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  1. Timea

    Some really inspirig runners! I love Fiona Oakes – she lost a knee cap when she was a teenager but it didn’t stop her from setting multiple marathon and ultra marathon records. And she also runs an animal sanctuary. Pretty cool, huh?


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