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Where Do You Buy Your Stylish Workout Clothes?

Mar 26, 2014 | Kit, Lifestyle, Running | 8 comments

It seems like as workout clothes grow in popularity, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon and producing their own ranges. I recently got some new gear from two brands that I hadn’t bought any running/yoga clothes from before; Gap and Aldi.

A few weeks ago my friend won tickets to a Gap and Glamour event to launch the Get Gap Fit initiative. They had some gorgeous colour ranges, I particularly loved the mint green and navy, and the coral and navy colour combinations. I ended up buying this multi-strap racer top which has an inbuilt bra. Love the coral double strap.

Additionally I couldn’t resist these blue leggings with a mint green band around the top, plus a matching mint green sweat wicking tank. I love how soft all of the fabrics feel, they’d be great for yoga as well as running/gyming.

Last Thursday I was invited to an event hosted by Aldi to show of their new running range, launching on 3rd April. Aldi do ‘special buys’ each Thurs and Sunday in store of certain products and ranges, and once these sell out, they aren’t restocked. I know the cycling gear last year was a real hit, and when the fitness range (including kettlebells) went into stores earlier this year I was very disappointed I didn’t live nearer to one of their shops. You can literally kit yourselves (and create a home gym) for a couple of quid.

Upon arrival at Crystal Palace Athletics ground, we were given the opportunity to pick out some of their kit to test out during our training session. I went for the shorts despite the cold, and I actually loved them. They aren’t see through at all, which for £5.99 is brilliant! My favourite bit of kit has to be the jackets that Laura, Adele and I all picked out (£14.99!!). We were particularly grateful for these windproof beauties as it was rather blustery out there.

Triathlete Daniel led us through some interval drills, including a few that recreated the ‘jelly leg’ slightly dizzy feeling that you apparently get in a triathlon.

Start with 20 squat thrusts…

then spin in a circle 5 times…

then run 200m!

Aldi were kind enough to give Tom some kit too, and although he couldn’t fit his head in to one of the t-shirts, the shorts, jacket, and most excitingly, the bluetooth headphones (£29.99) were very well received. With brilliant price points, I was really impressed with the quality of the Aldi running gear- perfect for those just getting in to the sport, or for items such as running jackets that can get rather expensive in other shops.

We tested out our kit on a sunny run by the river on Saturday morning before cooking up a big brunch- perfect way to start the weekend in my opinion!

Thanks to Aldi for the fun training session and kit to try out. Aldi is also a brilliant place to stock up on food and booze. They’ve won a lot of awards for their quality produce, and particularly their Champagne- look out for it next time you’re near one of their stores. I highly recommend visiting around the 3rd of April…. 


  1. Annie

    I am a huge fan of the Gap Fit line. When I factor in price and style, I actually prefer them to Lululemon. Blasphemy, I know. Champion is also a favorite, either when I buy it at the outlets or Target. Give them a shot!

  2. Emma StripesandSnapshots

    I’m definitely going to look out for the stuff when they hit the stores, looks like some great bargains, as if I don’t already own enough gym kit!

  3. Pink Pom Poms

    I got a gap fit long sleeved top and running tights in the new year sales. They are nice, but I think full priced they are quite expensive.
    Are the aldi bluetooth headphones good? My boyfriend wants a pair for using on the treadmill.

    Anna x

  4. Tess @ FitBits

    I love that Gap racer top, although wouldn’t get away with it this year as I have to be careful about tan lines for our August wedding! Love Aldi and shop there every week though, so will look out for some of this kit!

  5. Cara_j

    I used to be fussy about where I’d buy my workout clothes from (it was nike or Adidas, nothing else!) but now I’m absolutely loving all the amazing stuff on offer at several high street stores. I recently bought a vest, sports bra and some trainer socks from Gap in lots of lovely bright colours! I agree with Anna though that it’s relatively pricey. Luckily I got my vest in the sale and there was a Multibuy offer on the socks so it didn’t leave too much of a dent in my wallet. The vest and tights you’re wearing in the photos are fab! I’ve also bought some items from H&M in the past who do a great sports range if a bit limited. Forever 21 also sell active wear at very reasonable prices. I’m certainly looking forward to the new range from aldi!!

  6. Sophia

    I usually prefer to have Polo sports kit but this Gap kit seems pretty cute.
    Would like to try at-least once.

  7. Hannah FreeFromRunning

    I’ve never thought of buying workout clothes from Gap but I love love love that multi-strap racer top – definitely going to check their stuff out! 🙂

  8. Amita Singh

    Firstly, I love you blog, such an inspiration. I’ve found that a well fitted sports bra is so important when it comes to a workout. I recenlty brought a sports bra online from New Balance.


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