What to Pack for an International Race

Its becoming more and more popular to take part in destination races, whether it’s a 10K, a marathon or an ultra, there’s a lot of kit to remember to bring with you if you’re not staying at home the night before a race. With Paris just under 2 weeks away, I’m following a similar packing list as I did for NYC (I wrote another marathon packing list here).


  • Passport
  • pre-race snacks and breakfast-bring whatever you don’t think you can find
  • ID for packet collection
  • Drs note if you need it
  • tea bags, nuun, lucozade 
  • phone charger (and adapter)
  • watch charger (and adapter)
  • bag drop bag- filled with things you’ll want after the race
  • suncream
  • Permanent pen or tape to mark your name on your top

Race Day

  • race day outfit; bra, underwear, top (with your name on), trainers, leggings/shorts/skirt, headband, socks
  • throw away clothes for the start line
  • fuel- gels, shotbloks, puree- whatever your preference
  • phone/ipod, headphones
  • bib, timing chip and safety pins
  • watch 
  • emergency cash
  • immodium (just incase) and loo roll 
  • belt/hydration pack/waterbottle 
  • hair ties/headband
  • bin bags- to sit on or wear pre-race
  • vaseline/lip balm
  • salt packs
  • hat/visor if it’s hot or wet
  • sunglasses

Post Race

  • comfortable underwear (if there’s any chafing then you’re going to want something that isn’t going to irritate)
  • a big t-shirt and hoody
  • soft trousers/leggings
  • compression socks
  • flip flops or loose shoes-especially if you’re planning on walking a lot the following day 
  • first aid- plasters, deep heat, arnica, vaseline, painkillers, whatever else you might need or want
  • whatever you crave post run to eat

Do you have any tips to share for packing for a race? After my outfit disaster at Silverstone, I’m going to check the weather carefully, and bring a spare outfit just incase the weather changes. 



  1. March 25, 2014 / 9:46 am

    I would love to get some destination races in although I’m fully booked for this year now, but it’d be a great way to travel! Someone mentioned the other day about needing a doctor’s note for Paris. Not sure it means a whole lot though as it’s not often they pick anything up.

  2. March 25, 2014 / 12:07 pm

    Great idea! Don’t forget hayfever tablets either! I had a reaction to something when I ran Paris and was SO glad I’d brought them!! yes – the doctor’s note was a bit of a farce really. I think I got asked if I felt ok and then the note was signed!!

  3. Katy
    March 25, 2014 / 12:47 pm

    This is fab thanku! I’m doing the London Marathon in 3 weeks time, so not away anywhere but this list of what to pack if great! I’d love to do a run abroad somewhere, and have already started looking into it for the end of this year or next year … might wait and see how I feel after the VLM though! Lol x

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