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Weekly Workouts: 15th-21st June 2020

Jun 26, 2020 | Running, Running Advice | 2 comments

Weekly Workouts: 15th-21st June 2020

I felt like this week was a pretty solid week of training. Originally my plan was to hit 20 miles and I was kind of disappointed that I’d missed that, however when writing this post about Increasing Your Running Mileage, I was reminded of the 10% rule. I know that building up mileage slowly and gradually is key to avoiding injury. Plus I feel like I’m taking the ‘slow and steady wins the race/gets the BQ’ by taking a long term view and approach to training. So 17 miles plus two bike workouts will definitely do for the week…

My Weekly Workouts: 15th-21st June 2020


20 minute Interval run using the Peloton App with Becs Gentry. She was on my podcast, Cook Eat Run last week so it felt fitting to start the week with her guiding me through a run.


3.1 miles run before work. This week I feel like I’ve stopped with the procrastinating and faffing around in the morning, got up when my alarm goes (usually at 5.45-6am), had a quick coffee/snack then started running. Far too often I’ve found myself making excuses or just being so slow to get going in the mornings that I’ve missed my window of opportunity to run.


30 minute Pride Ride with Emma Lovewell on Peloton. I’ve just discovered these ‘Listening Party’ rides on Peloton where they introduce you to new or less known music. I loved this ride, the message, music and vibe. Plus I added a number of the songs to my spotify playlist. It’s one of the best features of the Peloton bike – you just hit the heart next to the song and it adds it to your Spotify!


Rest Day

Weekly Workouts: 15th-21st June 2020


3 very wet easy miles in Henley before work with Emma. I hadn’t quite anticipated how soggy we would get and so hadn’t brought shampoo and conditioner with me to work! I had a birds nest bun on my head for the rest of the day!

Testing out my new Brooks Revel. Embarrassingly I also forgot to bring my work shoes. So I ended up wearing these all day with a pair of scrubs. (I just can’t wear my smart clothes with running shoes. Plus wearing scrubs is like wearing PJs all day.)


30 Minute Intervals and Arms ride with Cody Rigsby on Peloton, done virtually with my friends Emily and Amanda. I turned off the leaderboard so that I couldn’t see what anyone else was doing and just focused on getting the best out of myself for this ride. Sometimes I’m too competitive for my own good!

I procrastinated all day and put my run off until 7pm when I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank and literally ran to get our Pizza for dinner. And I met Tom 3 miles from our house on the way to a new Bar & Grill at the Marina that were doing takeaway pizzas. I thought we’d grab and go but the weather was so nice that we sat and ate our pizzas overlooking the marina with a G&T!


6 mile run/walk with Emma along the Thames. I’m putting together a blog post about why I love run/walking and the benefits of utilising it as a training strategy. So let me know what questions you have in the comments below.


  1. Aligarh

    Seeing you run is a great inspiration for starters like me thanks for sharing your journey

  2. Wilcox Lawrence

    You give the great inspiration with your beautiful smile, thanks for sharing your story


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