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The Weekend Edit: Stu and Charlotte’s Wedding

Apr 18, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I’m starting what will be called ‘The Weekend Edit’ on the blog/YouTube which I’m so excited about, and this was going to be the first one.

I’d planned out the shots I wanted to film boer the weekend…and then forgot to pack my camera charger. I’ve had my eye on a new camera for a while so thought this was the perfect excuse for a duty free purchase however they didn’t have the one I’m after… So you’re stuck with no video and only iPhone photos I’m afraid!

This year I’ve got my fair share of weddings, Hen Do’s and bridesmaid duties, and this weekend was no exception, with a trip up to Dornoch for my Uni friends wedding.

After a heavily delayed flight we arrived at our incredible air B and B accommodation at 2am, less than ideal before a big day ahead. The following morning my friend Ej and I went off in search of breakfast food and Prosecco (all the important things) before getting ready for the wedding.

All dressed up…

Charlotte and stus wedding

Charlotte and stus wedding

The wedding service was held at the amazing Dornoch Cathedral – the same spot that Madonna and Guy Richie got married with the same vicar. It was gorgeous with some rather misty eyes all round.

Charlotte and stus wedding

Charlotte and stu's wedding

The reception was held in the grounds of Donrobin Castle- pretty sure it’s the most spectacular wedding been I’ve ever been to! The marquee was beautiful, you could tell Charlotte had paid so much attention to detail- so many Pinterest moments!!

One of the highlights of the night was the Ceilidh (Scottish Reeling) – the caller would tell us the moves to follow with our partner, quite hilarious and a great little workout. The dance floor was packed for most of the night, with the DJ playing some absolute classics, my poor feet are looking a little battered today.

Sunday morning was a struggle. Two 2am bedtimes in a row, plus more booze than I’m willing to admit drinking, meant that I didn’t feel too perky. Luckily a walk along the coast really helped to blow away the hangover and wake everyone up – it is so gorgeous up there.

We were in the Highlands but the landscape is very flat around the coast, meaning you could see for miles. It was so quiet, clean and peaceful – I’d love to explore Scotland more. My family is from the Borders of Scotland so that’s about as far North as I’ve ever explored (except for climbing Ben Nevis a few years ago!)

Dornoch beach

North Face Gilet

Wearing my new North Face Gilet from Blacks, and pink jumper from the Beyonce Ivy Park range at Topshop.

After our walk, we headed back to see the Bride and Groom for some lunch, and a debrief of the previous night’s antics. It’s something I miss the most about uni, we always used to go over to one of our houses or out for brunch to discuss everything that went down the night before!! Now all our gossip gets shared via Whatsapp which isn’t quite so amusing.

Love this Leeds Uni group photo, can’t believe we started there 10 years ago… all of these guys were in my Halls, and we’ve pretty much been friends since our first week!

Leeds University group

Hope you had a brilliant weekend!

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  1. healthyhappierbear

    Love your Spring jacket! This weekend I realized I need one for more formal/dressy events! Looks perfect!


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