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Weekend Catch Up

Feb 27, 2016 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Hi all, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

I wanted to check in quickly after a slightly manic week to update you on my life lately!

On Monday I’m speaking at the Fitfluence event – I’m so nervous, yet excited to share my story, help others achieve their goals and meet some new faces. There are still a few tickets left for the event, so if you’re free in London on Monday, please join us!

As well as hearing from myself, and the other speakers, (Celia Learmonth, Sophie Holmes, and Dani Watson) everyone will have the chance to win some incredible prizes from the speakers. I’m offering running advice, help with a training plan and a PAIR OF NEW BALANCE TRAINERS!! Cool, right!

If you want to buy a ticket for Monday evening, the code Dreams5 will get you £5 off.

Stretching Ronhill

I am loving being a freelancer, but I was so scared of not having any work, that I’ve said yes to everything that’s come my way, and am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I am covering the online desk at Women’s Health for two weeks while Francesca (online assistant) is on holiday. Whilst I’m loving the new challenge, writing content for their website and creating their Facebook social, it’s definitely hard work. Facebook have recently changed their sharing policies, which makes it even harder to get your content in front of your followers.

I’m really proud of a few pieces I’ve done for them that are doing well – including sharing that James Corden and Jenna Dewan Tatum Toddlerography video that has been really popular!

You might like this article I wrote on ‘8 foods with more fibre than prunes’. Predictions show that fibre is going to be the big focus of diets and food products when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss over the next few years!

I’m also pretty pleased with this helpful article sharing PT’s 20 minute workouts – no time to exercise is no longer an excuse!

Also check out this new way to serve avocado…

Photo from Fooddeco


In other news, I’m still injured. My IT band is not playing ball- and so this weekend is dedicated to foam rolling, Yin yoga and Barrecore Stretch! I’ve been running a small amount, and although I’m doing Barry’s Bootcamp next week, I’ve signed up for a few Double Floor classes so as not to antagonise it.

I’ve also officially pulled out of the London Marathon – I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to be running with Lucozade but sadly it just doesn’t make sense to put my body and knee through that right now. I feel terrible, and am so sad that I won’t be running through my city on April 24th, but cheering from the sidelines will be awesome!

It’s driving me mad not running, mostly from the endorphins point of view, but also from a logistical point of view- I’ve got some trainers I really want to review but need to wait until I’ve tested them a bit more. A few 3 milers does not provide a accurate reflection!

Ronhill leggings

I’m really excited to have asked to be a bridesmaid for a couple of friends this year, which is so exciting, but who knew organising Hen Do’s and bridesmaid dresses would be so stressful! I have spreadsheets coming out of my ears!

I’m off to Brighton tomorrow with my friend Char for her dress fitting and to look for new bridesmaid dresses after a few have been vetoed! Hoping we find something – and then the Project Bridesmaid plan begins!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by Will Patrick 


  1. Wayne Browne

    I know how your feeling about London. I had to pull out of it last year a WEEK before the marathon. I was gutted as all my friends where still doing it.
    Then things have got worse as ive had to pull out of this years with more injuries and personal stuff. I think im not meant to be runner or maybe to do The London Marathon.
    I was only able to cancel twice so i dont think i will ever get the chance to do it again.
    Take care x

  2. Nicole

    ugh! i know how you feel. I had to drop out of the NYC Marathon last year b/c of my ankle. It’s such a hard feeling. You’ll get better and come back stronger.

  3. Steph

    I hope today went well for you! Sounds like you’ve had a mega busy week! It’s a shame about London, but it does seem sensible. Have a great week!


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