We Eat Half Marathons for Breakfast

I am so grateful to have friends with people that are willing to get up at 6.30am on a Sunday morning to go on a long run with me. Some of these friends are runners I’ve met on twitter and through their blogs, others are people I’ve known forever! It certainly helps get me out of bed on a rainy morning when I know that people will be waiting for me to run! 

I met up with Zoe and Stephanie at Hammersmith bridge with the aim of running 12-13 miles along the river. We didn’t have a real goal pace in mind, but knew we wanted to keep it between 10-10.30 whilst chatting.
The weather wasn’t ideal, luckily it stayed quite dry during our run, but was fairly muggy and I regretted bringing my jacket with me. Once again, I ran with my new camel pak rucksack, which was great for hydrating, but did hurt my back a little. I may have to play around with the fitting to make sure it sits right. 
We ran along the tow path from Hammersmith bridge to Richmond bridge, about 7 miles, before turning around and heading back, crossing over the river at Chiswick bridge. We spotted super speedy Cat out on her run! 
I tried espresso gu gels on this run, for my first time, and actually loved the flavour. Yes, the texture is weird and not great, but it tasted just like a mocha! I know I need to work on my fueling for this marathon, as it’s something I didn’t really think about during my first marathon training. I took a third of a pack at 6 miles, and another third at 10 miles. 
I felt quite good on this run, although a little sore after a sports massage on Saturday. I’ve booked myself in for a couple of other sports massages, but next time I won’t have it the day before a long run! Our average pace was 10.18- exactly on track for a 4.30 marathon (one of my goals for the New York Marathon). Obviously when we hit 13 miles, we kept going for the 0.1 to finish off with a full half marathon. We ran chatting the whole time, which made the miles fly by, but I’m hoping that when I zone in and don’t chat, that my pace will increase. 
As you can see, it was a little muddy out there on the trail, my socks were soaked through and caked with mud when I took them off. I fear the trainers may have to go through the wash before I wear them again! I love these Brooks Ravenna’s  but am thinking about getting some new shoes for this marathon cycle, as these already have a fair few miles in them. 
After finishing our run, we walked the half mile back to the High Road, and headed for tea, smoothies and a second breakfast! YUM.
What is your favourite post-run breakfast? I want to make up some easy, nutritious breakfasts that I can freeze, or keep in the fridge for moments of RUNger! 

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  1. September 9, 2013 / 11:23 am

    So great that you can run with your friends!

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