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NO-vember – Following New Eating Principles

Oct 31, 2014 | Uncategorized | 12 comments

I’ve been feeling gross recently, my skin has been bad, I’ve put on weight and my headaches have been worse than they’ve been since I started the strong medication. I’m finding workouts really, really tough and my sleep is disrupted. I have a lot on at the moment, so can’t afford to be feeling like this.

The difference to now and a month ago. My diet and exercise regime.

As I mentioned before my exercise plans are non-existent at the moment (apart from a Barrecore challenge I’ve been taking this week) and my diet has been crappy. My job means that I cook most days, and currently we’ve been baking, doing donut taste tests and recreating our own donuts. ( I know, I know, I’m not complaining!) It has just led to a lot of sugar highs…and lows.

homemade donuts


Good Life Eatery Smoothie

Something has to change, I am no longer running 50 plus miles a week and therefore cannot keep eating as if I am. It’s time that I fuel my body correctly.

However, I’m not good at sticking to diets. The most I’ve ever done is 3 days, at which point my boss had to take me to one side and tell me to stop the diet as I was becoming a horrid person (it was a no sugar/caffeine etc diet that didn’t allow fruit. I also don’t think diets are very sustainable. If you’ve read my blog before, you may know that I think it’s all about balance- 80% good stuff, 20% a little bit of what you love (it’s just that the balance has gone a bit out of whack recently).

So I can’t follow diets. I can however, follow principles.

So without further ado, here are the eating principles that I will be following in NO-vember.

  • No processed food- no crisps or fizzy drinks etc.
  • No ingredients in food that I can’t pronounce or don’t recognise
  • Be organised with food- plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as much as possible to avoid reaching for something unhealthy, or having to buy something dodgy because I get hangry.
  • Try to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day
  • Homemade. Homemade.
  • Try to make more juices and smoothies.
  • Cut down on refined sugar
  • Cut down on dairy although not out
  • Eat as much organic produce as possible (ie as much as I can afford!!!)
  • Drink plenty of water and swap out some tea/coffee for green tea

NO-vember obviously starts tomorrow, and today I’ve been preparing for it – by tucking into this Halloween feast at work, as well as said doughnuts.

halloween feast

Alongside the food principles of NO-vember, I’ll be embarking on a new fitness plan. Increasing more weights and HIT, as well as some new workout classes. I can’t wait to share! Also I would love to hear about your favourite healthy food blogs- paleo, sugar free, balanced diet – I need some inspiration!


  1. Kathy

    So with you on this!! Started trying to eat clean in September then October just went to pot! This past week we had our wedding anniversary and a holiday to France both involving so much food and drink that I have felt physically ill! Had planned my own little no-vember to get me back on track. I really like ‘the kitchen shed’ blog for clean eating, interested in any other suggestions u get

    • charlotte

      Ooh great link, thank you!

  2. Kristine (@kristineciard)

    I found your blog via Ashley and was just in London for 10 days for work and I LOVED The Good Life Eatery! (Also Raw Press – delicious foods and juices!) I try to do the same in terms of no processed foods, no refined sugars, etc. (Within reason). Think you’ll find yourself with more energy really quickly this way!

    • charlotte

      I love Good Life! I haven’t tried Raw Press yet but it’s on my list!

  3. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    I just started Whole30 again for November so you’re not alone! I think it’s an amazing time to start this before the gluttony of christmas! Start to undo the bad habits before we really indulge in them over the holiday season! good luck 🙂 x

    • charlotte

      Looking forward to following your progress this time round!

  4. skinnedcartree

    I’m just getting back into running – I’d not ran since I did a 10k at the end of July because I got a new job that just took out all my time and energy! Trying to get back into it now though.

    Good luck with No-Vember – can’t wait to read about your exercise plans. I’ll be back for a dose of motivation.

    Corinne x

    • charlotte

      Thank you, and thanks for reading!

  5. Zoe Homes (@Splodz)

    Wow that is quite a list of no’s there – but it will make a whole load of difference. I think by far the most important one is the planning of meals so you have enough good food and don’t have to reach for the naughty snacks, I shall definitely be joining you on that one. Enjoy your month!

  6. NutsforNutrition

    Im definitely in the same boat as you, I was working out all year and eating really healthy before my wedding and it’s all gone downhill fast! I’ve gained back the stone I lost, yikes! I just have no will power these days and want to eat everything! We have a half marathon in 2 weeks so don’t need or want to feel slow and sluggish because of my diet. A NO-vember sounds like a good plan for me to try to get back on track too!

  7. maryse

    Totally with you – eating great and working out all the time over the summer then a new job hits plus revision for a postgraduate exam and it’s all fallen apart. Think I will try to incorporate bits of No-vember into my life. Just bought a slow cooker and it’s made meal planning way easier – too tired to cook? (I regularly work 12+ hour shifts, often in 4-5 day runs) no worries, defrost a healthy hearty meal that’s homemade – total life saver!



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