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Using Classpass Passport

Oct 18, 2015 | Active Travel | 4 comments

You all know that I’m a huge advocate of Classpass– the monthly fitness membership that gives you access to unlimited fitness classes in many major cities across the world. You can go to as many workouts as you want, although you can only visit each studio a maximum of 3 times a month.

With cities throughout the USA, Canada, and the newly launched Sydney, you can use your Classpass on holiday too, and I took full advantage of my Classpass Passport on my recent trip to the US.

Shortly after landing at JFK in New York, Ashley and I took a very relaxing REST yoga class at Anya in the city. Although not technically challenging, this class worked through a series of long, relaxing poses that opened the hips and chest, and stretched our backs and legs – ideal after a long haul flight. With only 4 of us in the class, the teacher made adjustments when needed, including covering our eyes with a lavender scented eye mask, and our bodies with a blanket. It felt like a glorified nap time, but it was incredible.

REST yoga class Classpass

In Chicago I had an evening alone before my parents and Tom arrived so booked into a yoga class close to our hotel. I randomly bumped into the only person I know that lives in Chicago- Katie, one of Ashley’s friends- it was so lovely to see a friendly face. She’s a local and huge fan of the Yoga Loft studio which is always a good sign. The hour long session was very warm and I was soon dripping with sweat, not all too pleasant in the packed room. The class was pretty challenging and I often found myself backing off from moves, not wanting to push it too much just 3 days before the Chicago marathon. As always, my favourite part of class came at the Savasanah at the end, so calming after another day of travelling.

Yoga Loft Chicago Classpas

Sadly my last Classpass booking in Washington DC was a fail. Anne and I had arranged to meet up to take the HIIT yoga class at the Urban Athletic Club, one of her favourite workout locations in the city. Sadly an hour before class we were notified that it had been cancelled- boo. We met up for a lovely walk along the Potomac instead before enjoying breakfast at Le Pain Quotidian.



Anne who writes the blog Fannetastic Food, has been one of my favourite bloggers for years, and was a huge inspiration in my decision to go back to Uni to study Dietetics. It was so nice to chat about studying, nutrition, blogging, running, among other things. I love that the blogging sphere has given me friends all over the world that you can make instant connections with despite the distance.

I’m hoping to come back to DC in the Summer to take advantage of all the fun outdoor activities you can do in the city. When I was younger I lived in a suburb of DC for a year and loved the place, I fell back in love with the area on this trip. The slower pace, quieter streets and green space make Washington DC more appealing to me that NYC (although I do love a few days in the Big Apple!)

Have you tried exercise classes when on holiday?


  1. fionajarrett

    Sounds like you used your time in Chicago really well, especially thinking ahead to go to a yoga class to unwind after a long flight. It’s also just a nice way to experience a new area, the people, etc. Must keep that in mind the next time I’m away. Hope you enjoyed Washington 🙂

  2. sara

    The smartest move Soulcycle made was staying a Premium Service and saying no to classpass.

    I have run studios for years. Classpass does not work for studios. Your membership will leave you for classpass once members learn they are paying double what the others in your classes are paying. Your user base will be very angry at you. Incremental revenue is the fantasy that classpass is selling. It does not work out that way. Members abandon studios for classpass. Your loyal user base will not be happy to learn that they are paying $25 and you just sold classes to classpass at $10. You will become a $10 an hour studio and will compete with every other $10 studio around you on a per class basis for users. You will be owned by classpass.

    article against Classpass in the New York Times:

    She would rather pay full price at SoulCycle than see the studio become even more crowded. “I’m like, ‘Please don’t join ClassPass,’ ” she said.

    Fitness Studios must not sign up with Classpass. It puts yours and everyone else’s fitness studio in danger. You cannot simply supplement your income with a little Classpass. That is the fantasy Classpass sells. Membership is critical to a Fitness Studio’s success or failure. Classpass takes this away. It is the money earned “no matter what” — the “recurring membership” that is critical to a fitness studio. Classpass takes this for itself when they take your members. A studio will need 10 regular new classpass members for every membership they lose. This is not happening and fitness studios are beginning to die. Users like Classpass just as they loved restaurant deals on Groupon. Restaurants dropped Groupon because it didnt work. Fitness studios are entering into a deal with the devil that they will not escape from because unlike a single Groupon deal… Classpass is recurring. When they take away your membership it will never come back. Classpass is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They present themselves as a studio’s friend but really they are taking memberships away from studios. Until and unless Classpass institutes a rule to stop members leaving fitness studios to become members of classpass they are killing fitness studios. Classpass attempts to fake fitness studios out by their rule of only allow a member to go to a specific studio 3 times in a month but that only furthers the Classpass goal by getting members to go to many fitness studios belonging to nobody but Classpass. Already according to the CEO over 55% of Classpass members dropped their memberships with fitness studios to join classpass. By attempting to supplement a fitness studios income using Classpass a studio introduces classpass to all its members and teaches them to use Classpass.

    • charlotte

      Thanks Sara, I understand that it doesn’t work for some studios. Personally, from a consumer point of view, I love it. Especially now that I’m a student and I can go to off peak classes. There are very few studios in London where I could get a monthly membership for less than £100, and many of those are studios that only offer one type of class. For me it’s either Classpass or a gym membership- I can’t afford to class hop without Classpass!

  3. peachylau

    I think it’s great that you can use your clasp’s abroad.


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