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Feb 18, 2013 | Running | 0 comments

I know I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I love taking part in races. I know I am never going to be the fastest, or win an age group medal, but I can race against myself, and have fun with friends. Oh and get a medal at the end, no matter how good or bad my performance is.

There is sometimes the added fun of dressing up! Have I told you guys that I LOVE moustaches? Weirdly obsessed. I’m strange, I know.

It’s much easier to motivate myself to go for a run if I have an upcoming race, no matter what the length. I am also trying hard to convince some of my non-running friends to sign up for races with me, although sometimes this is really hard.

I wanted to play around with different distances this year so have signed up for the following races;

3rd March – Eastbourne Half Marathon
Running with Tom’s housemates and a friend that is running this year’s London Marathon!

22nd May- British Heart Foundation Canary Wharf 5K

26th May- Bupa Westminster Mile
Haven’t signed up for this, but trying to convince some friends to join me. Some are put off by the thought that they can’t run a mile, I am trying to persuade them otherwise!!

27th May- Bupa London 10,000m
Is anyone running this? At the moment I am running this on my own, and probably dragging my Mum along to support!

1st June- Race for Life 5K
Running with Amanda, and trying to convince some other friends to join us!

15th June- Zest Challenge
A 10K obstacle course, running with work friends. My first obstacle course, so excited!

16th June- London-Brighton Bike Ride
With my Mum, step-dad and Tom, 54 miles!

14th July- Shock Absorber Triathlon
Haven’t signed up to this one yet, but I really want to. I am trying to find out some more about triathlon training and training groups/swimming groups before I finally commit to this.

I seem to have a gaping hole in April, and all of my May races are happening in 1 week! Whoops. Anyone have any shorter races they could recommend in April? If I do sign up for the traithlon, I will probably try to get an open water race slotted in to my training too. What’s on your race schedule?


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