Tina Muir’s Overcoming Amenorrhea Book Review

Let me first be very honest. If I wasn’t internet friends with Tina, I wouldn’t have read this book. (Also, full disclosure, she sent me the book).

Further honesty from me… I haven’t read the whole book because Amenorrhea isn’t something I have had to deal with, nor had any awareness of before Tina’s much shared personal story. And it does get very detailed into the causes and treatment of Amenorrhea (the abnormal absence of menstruation).

If you’re worried about Amenorrhea, are dealing with it personally or know someone that is, then this is a must read. However, if, like me, you don’t have an interest in the topic then this book is still worth a read.

Tina, a GB elite runner, blogger and podcaster (Running 4 Real, although you might recognise her from her days at Runner’s Connect). Tina shares her story into running in her self published debut book. I am so impressed with her determination to share her story and knowledge about a topic that is still somewhat taboo.

Her story takes us from teenage training, her University scholarship to a Division II American school where she became an All American. She discusses her battle to give up sweets and desserts (which I’m actually pleased she didn’t as I type this with a cup of tea and biscuit), running on a low carb diet and dealing with online negativity.

A lot of the book, as you would imagine, focuses on the loss of her period and the strategies she employs to regain her cycle. She talks about her desperate want to be a mother, and her willingness to try anything to do so.

As a student dietitian, I particularly focused on the chapters discussing weight loss, nutrition and diet, and the effect on amenorrhea and recovery. I haven’t come across the condition in practice yet but working in the sports world, I know it won’t be the last time I come across it.

This is a read and pass it on style book, so I’ll be leaving mine at my gym (there’s a book borrowing section) so that hopefully someone that needs it will be able to pick it up and get the information they might need.

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