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Oct 28, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So it feels a little wrong writing this post just two days after my blog post about becoming healthy. But I am sticking to my weekly healthy challenge, I promise.

First let me tell you about the lovely Primrose Bakery.

I met up with my friend Guy after work and we headed towards Covent Garden. I had heard about The Primrose Bakery and really wanted to try it out. All the cupcakes were so cute with flavours such as Mocha, Maple and pecan and Rose- definitely trying that one next time.

There were also some cool Halloween themed cupcakes. I went for a Pumpkin cupcake with creamcheese icing, it was delicious and had a really cute pumpkin face on the top

I made Guy get a Halloween cupcake as well as his chocolate cupcake (he was slightly embarrassed by the pink flower on the top of it!).

I loved the Frankenstein on the top of his cupcake- so sweet. Unfortunately his Halloween cupcake was not as fresh as the other cupcakes, we thought that it had been sitting out a while.

I’ll have to come back to The Primrose Bakery now that I’ve found it, I’m sure I can find lots of friends that will help me try out the other cupcakes.

Back to the healthy challenge; eating five pieces of fruit and veg a day. I have been using ‘Less Meat, More Veg’  by Rachel de Thample to work out how much of each fruit and veg I need to eat to count as one of my five a day, hence some seemingly random amounts!

Day 1
30 blueberries
2 clementines
1 banana
2 carrots
Sweet potatoes

Day 2
1 apple
1 banana
1/3 cucumber
2 clementines

Please ignore the mess on my desk! 

I have heard that you have to eat 5 DIFFERENT pieces of fruit and veg for them to count as your 5 a day, and that they have to be a balance of fruit and veg, so I have been trying to think about this when planning my meals and snacks. Do you think my pumpkin cupcake counts? No thought not.


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