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The Mae Deli

Jan 20, 2016 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Deliciously Ella has been flavour of the month for a number of months, and with her new book released this January, and her newly opened deli in Marylebone. As a post-exam treat yesterday morning, Charlie and I went to check it out for lunch.

Tucked down a little side street, near Marble Arch is The Mae Deli, owned by Ella and her fiancé, Matthew. They serves some very ‘Deliciously Ella‘ dishes, alongside some items – meat and fish- that some of her followers aren’t so pleased that they’re selling. Personally,  I think it makes the deli more appealing to a wider audience so completely understand why they made that decision.

The gorgeous interior, exposed brick, raw wood, and an appealing spread of lunch salads. The deli was packed, we found some stools at the bar by the window and joined the queue.

Mae Deli

Mae menu

So let me warn you… it is expensive.

There are three different lunch options; the Mae Bowl (selection of four cold salads), Hot Mae (selection of hot dishes) and the Mixed Mae (cold and hot dishes). They are £11.10 to eat in, which I think is a little steep for effectively a bowl of veggies and grains, albeit a delicious bowl.

You can add a portion of Organic chicken or salmon to your dish (for another £4.50) plus dips for £2.

Mae Deli Charlie

So we sucked it up, and ordered two Mae Bowls, plus a delicious looking slice of Chocolate Avocado tart to share (I also bought one of the girls I look after a flapjack!) And it was delicious, and huge.

Mae Bowl

I ended up taking a little bit of salad home with me, but we obviously managed to finish the chocolate tart! I will be back to the Mae Deli, although next time I’d think about sharing a Mae Bowl and a bit of protein with a friend. The sweet potato dish was the highlight of the meal for me – need to find that recipe online and recreate it at home! Each salad dish was so flavoursome, yet none of the powerful flavours in one dish overpowered those in another.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck for my exam yesterday, it actually went OK (I hope!) although I won’t find out the results for a few weeks. I’ve got two more exams next week, the seriously hard sciency ones so it’s back to the books for me today!


  1. sowhitehead

    The breakfasts look really interesting, I really want to try the chia pudding!

  2. Mollie @ Sweets on Point

    That chocolate tart is literally making me drool. Post exam, post run, post race treats are the best! Hope your exam went well! 🙂


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