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The Beauty Product All Runners Need

Aug 22, 2014 | Lifestyle, Running | 6 comments

Most days I get up and run first thing in the mooring, and if it’s a short run, I will literally throw some kit on, lace up my trainers and head out the door. I’m usually outside for between 45mins and 1hr and a half (depending on if I sneak into Starbucks on my way home and walk back with a coffee).

I never used to think about the fact that I didn’t have anything on to protect my face. When I’m wearing make-up I always ensure that it has SPF in, and that I use the recommended amount, yet here I am training in the middle of summer without any protection. And it’s not just in summer or on your holidays that it matters.

UVA, which affects ageing is at the same strength all year round, whilst UVB rays vary in strength- they are present even during the winter. For proper protection from both the UVA and UVB rays, you need to be wearing a SPF of factor 15 year round. This can help slow down signs of ageing and reduce risks of getting skin cancer.

When you’re applying your suncream, or moisturiser with SPF, ensure that you don’t forget the front and back of your neck, ears and décolletage. Not only are these usually just as exposed as your face, but they will really show signs of ageing in later life. 
I’ve was recommended Ultrasun Face as a light, non-greasy daily SPF for the face. I’ve been using it on my runs, during the Three Peaks Challenge, and while on holiday in Portugal. Obviously I wash my face after running, so wash the suncream off but replace it with my tinted moisturiser. I already have a number of freckles on my face, signs of skin damage, so it was suggested that I use a factor 30 for high levels of protection. I don’t love the thick texture and smell of some suncreams so was pleasantly surprised by Ultrasun- I think it smells like Play-Doh. They’ve also got Body and Sports formulas which would be great for skiing, sailing, long runs or bike rides. 

So next time you lace up your trainers, think about slapping on some sunscreen before heading out the door. I promise you’ll thank me in the future! 


  1. Ash Bear

    This is a good reminder! I’ve been wearing a visor but reailzed last week it doesn’t cover my entire face!

  2. MrsB

    I wear a cap and always at least factor 30 or 50 sunblock but even with that, my face still gets patchy in the summer… So I don’t actually run that much during summer anymore 🙁 I wish someone invented sunblock that actually truly did not sweat off. Many promise to do that, but I haven’t found any that actually do.

    • Charlie

      For me I find the problem is that I wipe the sweat (and sunscreen) off my face while running which is a problem!

  3. peachylau

    I always put suncream before heading out for my run. I agree that every runner needs this.

  4. Stephanie The Magpie

    Gosh, I’ve never thought about this either, *adds to ocado shop*

  5. Sarah

    Being at medical school and seeing skin cancer cases has really opened my eyes to this- places that you mention like ears and backs of hands/forearms not only age really badly when they get lots of unprotected sun exposure, but they are really common areas to get skin cancer, even in Britain where we don’t really tend to think of needing to protect ourselves from the sun like we would abroad.

    The sunscreen you’ve been trying sounds great- I need to use factor 50 on my face because rosacea runs in my family, and anything of that factor is like house paint- definitely going to pick some of this up next time I see it!


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