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Wargrave Triathlon Race Recap

The water is so cold it seems to take my breath away. I try to start swimming as the klaxon goes off, and my breathing is quick and shallow. I can’t get into a rhythm. I start to panic. I ask the man near me who looks like he’s standing if the water is...

Ironman Training Week 2

Monday – Day Off Tuesday – 5K Run, 1K Open Water swim Morning started with the Westin Run club (you can sign up for the July run club here) then an awesome evening at the lake with Steph. It was my first open water swim since the Geneva Triathlon. I was...
Setting Realistic Resolutions for 2016

Setting Realistic Resolutions for 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2016. Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Tom and I ended up staying in and enjoying steak and Champagne at his new flat in Cardiff. He was working at 6.30am this morning – brutal. Anyway, on to resolutions. I don’t...