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How To Find The Right Running Coach For You

How To Find The Right Running Coach For You

I’ve written before about how beneficial I think hiring a running coach can be. It’s an extra expense but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth thinking about, especially if you’ve set yourself big running goals.  Running is such a personal thing and...

Is it Worth Hiring a Running Coach?

For my first marathon I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice Supreme Training Plan. It was easy to follow, didn’t include any ‘workouts’ and the primary goal was to get me to the end of the 26.2 miles. My second marathon was the NYC Marathon and I had...

Phoenix Marathon Training: Week 2

Another week down… I got to Sunday evening and I was genuinely excited to start another week of training, which is really how it should be at this stage. Monday:  Barrecore class – I have to admit, I really miss the teachers at Chiswick. I used to love...