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What do you blog about?

What do you blog about?

The blogs that I read day in, day out, are the very similar to the blogs that I first found 4 years ago; Daily Garnish, Hungry Runner Girl, Carrots N Cake, Fannetastic Food, Healthy Happier Bear. I originally found them some of them through a Food Blogging...

How to Start Running

Running is a brilliant form of cardio and weight bearing exercise, meaning it both benefits your heart and strengthens bones helping prevent osteoporosis in the future.   All you need is a pair of trainers (and maybe a sports bra!) and you’re on your way. I am so...

How I deal with Chronic Headaches/Migraines

I’m on day 7 of a cluster headache attack. It’s not pretty. Sadly, I’m no stranger to these sorts of headaches, the type that leave you feeling sick, dizzy, unable to concentrate and increasingly clumsy. Where your eyes hurt to be open, and any form...
What to do When You’ve Lost Your Running Mojo?

What to do When You’ve Lost Your Running Mojo?

I’ve lost my running mojo. I’m pretty sure I lost it around mile 19 of the Berlin Marathon, and I haven’t seen it since. I haven’t run since the Berlin Marathon nearly four weeks ago. It may well be the longest I’ve not run since I first...