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Sweaty Speed Sessions: Yasso 800s

Aug 30, 2013 | Running | 1 comment

OK, so we actually didn’t complete Yasso 800s as part of our beginngers Speed Sessions, but the reality was that on Weds night everyone was feeling a little bleugh. It’s ok, it happens. We all have off days. People were nursing slight injuries, or generally feeling a little lethargic after the Bank Holiday weekend.

We did a fun warm up, that I got involved with too, before jogging 1 x 400m and completing 4 x 100m sprints.

I wanted to share Yasso 800s with you partly because when I first started running, I had no idea what they are, and they are a fairly simple speed workout that you can do with or without a track.

The second reason I’m sharing this, is because BART YASSO TWEETED ME! Seriously. I got way overexcited, as did a few others on twitter!!

What are Yasso 800s?

Well, Bart Yasso (aka running king) worked out that you can roughly predict your marathon time based on the time it takes you to run 800m repeats. For example, if you want to be running a 4 hour marathon, you should be aiming for 4min 800m repeats.

As you can see from the tweet above, Bart suggested that I should be doing 10 x 800m repeats during training with 400m recovery between each.

Since I managed my 800m repeats (ok 3 of them) in about 3.31, does this mean I have a 3.30 marathon in me? Maybe one day!!

Next week is the last in this summer’s Sweaty Speed Sessions, come and join us at 6.30pm Weds 4th Sept. There will be brownies and prizes!!!

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  1. Lucy Edwards

    Ah I missed being there this week 🙁 Won’t be there next week as I’m on holiday x


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