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Sweaty Speed Sessions: Track Sprint Session

Aug 15, 2013 | Running | 4 comments

Last night was week three of our Sweaty Speed Sessions with Sweaty Betty, (you can read about the first weeks here and here).

Our session started with a group warm up, as it does every week. You can read about some of the games that are part of our warm up on Bec’s blog. My favourite game was the ‘Cone Twist’

Find a space to work in and place an equal number of cones in the space (half of them standing up, half of them knocked over). Divide your runners into two equal teams and assign each team a task: one team ensures all the cones while the other team do the opposition and make sure all the cones are knocked over. Tell them that they’ll be playing this for a certain period of time (I went for three minutes) and then say go. This is a great warm-up game that tests both agility and speed. What’s more, it has a bit of a chuckle factor. You should have heard us yesterday giggling away. And the runners are also so focused on either knocking the cones over or picking them up that they’re not thinking about it as speed work or even a workout. – From Becs  

This weeks session was similar to last week but with a few more reps in, oh and with the added pleasure of rain. Our plan was to complete the following;

8 X 100m sprints with 100m walk
2 X 200m sprints with 200m walk
1 X 400m sprint with 400m cool down

Sadly the rain got the better of us, and we headed home after the final 200 sprint.We told the girls to visualise the end of the 100m as the finish line, and powering through it rather than slowing down just before the line. Hopefully these sessions will help knock time off their PB’s with a strong finish!

If you’re completing this yourself, make sure to do a proper warm up and cool down before you start your sprints- add in 2 X 400m jogs at the start and end of your workout and stretch fully afterwards.

Sweaty Speed Sessions are free track workouts for runners of all abilities (although basic fitness level is required) on a Wednesday evening at Regents Park Track at 6.30pm. Please join us next week, or try out the workout and let us know how you got on!


  1. Pamela Shiels

    I’m training for a half-marathon in November, this sounds like great training, I didn’t know there were any tracks here! Id love to come check it out next week!

    • Charlie

      Yes please do!!! Just come to the Regent’s Park track at 6.30pm on Weds ready to run!!

  2. Lucy Edwards

    Enjoyed it last night, thank you 🙂

    • Charlie

      Glad you enjoyed it, you did brilliantly! Hopefully see you there next week!


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