Studio Lagree London Workout Review

Did you catch my latest vlog? It’s the first of my studio review videos, I promise the next one will be more of a review rather than just a fun video. Also next time I’m choosing a bright studio, why are they all so dark?

Yes I even chose that thumbnail!

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But lets get back to the studio and the workout. I went to Studio Lagree, a Mega Reformer Pilates studio between Barbican and Moorgate in London. This is one of their first UK based studios, and already have a huge following in Canada and Chicago.

The Mega Reformer M3 is slightly similar to a normal Reformer Pilates machine, but scarier. There are more straps, more handles and a big stick, oh and the class is in a dark room – automatic scary points.

The studio itself is small but really friendly, with a clean, well stocked changing room, lust inducing Lululemon kit and tasty snacks on sale.

Upon entering the 10 machine room, the instructor explains how to use the reformer, and begins the warm-up section, and you’ll see just how tough this workout will be. I found the mega reformer less stable than a traditional reformer, meaning that my core had to work harder throughout the class to keep me stabilised.

After the warm up, we started on our arms and abs, using the M3 straps work on our biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, whilst kneeling on the moving platform, and performed planks with our feet on the moving platform. It was so hard to balance in forearm planks, side planks and twisting planks – certainly got the abs and obliques burning. There were modifications to make them easier(ish), and harder as you can see in the video…

Studio Lagree workout

The leg section was equally hard, we went through a series of squats, lunges, leg lifts, and other glute exercises using a combination of straps and platforms. Let’s face it, the machine is a little like a torture machine by this point in the workout, where your muscles are on fire, you’ve already fatigued your core and arms, but have to keep pushing through.

My favourite, most necessary part of the workout was the stretching session, I felt like this would be a welcome addition to my marathon training as we targeted the ITB, back, hamstrings, and obliques – my often neglected areas!

Studio Lagree workout

This was my second class, and I’ll definitely be back. I loved the intensity of the class, we were able to take breaks whenever we needed to reset and recover, and never felt left behind. The small group feel makes this great for all levels, although might not be best for people brand new to exercise and those that find it takes a while to get used to new machinery.

Another huge plus for marathon training is that although I felt the burn during the workout, I didn’t suffer any of the dreaded DOMS after class!

Studio Lagree workout

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