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Stop saying I CAN’T and start working out how you CAN

Jan 29, 2015 | Lifestyle, Running | 5 comments

project awesome

When I meet up with my non-fitness friends, they are impressed (or horrified) by the things I sign up for, my challenges and my workout schedule. However coffee on a Wednesday morning after Project Awesome and it’s my turn to be impressed and amazed by the incredible things these wonderful people are doing. Running 15 marathons and an Ironman in 2015, cycling to Paris, Amsterdam and Bruge in 3 X 24hr periods, cycling to Paris before running the marathon, running across New Zealand.

When I mentioned yesterday morning that I couldn’t join Adam for one of his charity runs because I couldn’t run 20 miles, and didn’t know whether I was strong enough to cycle to Paris in 24 hours, I was told ‘you’ve given up before you’ve even started because you’ve said you can’t’.

I can.

4 years ago I couldn’t run a mile. I’ve now completed 4 marathons and multiple other races.

I’ve completed a triathlon, despite thinking I couldn’t openwater swim.

I’ve jumped out of a plane. I’ve bungee jumped (it still makes my palms go clammy thinking about it).

It might require a lot of training, sacrifice and work. It will require a lot of self belief, but if you believe you can, then you will.

One of my favourite quotes that Sophie uses;

she believed she could so she did

What do you want to achieve? Go and get it!


  1. Sophie

    Great blog Charlie! Thanks for featuring me #shebelievedshecouldandsoshedid

  2. siany1

    I’m planning on doing Gran Paradiso in August (be super easy to get to from Milan). Fancy joining me?

  3. Mrs. Miller's Miles

    Definitely needed this today. Thank you for posting!


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