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Sprint Intervals with Prince Harry

Feb 28, 2014 | Running | 6 comments

Yesterday was a bit of a celeb spotting day; I saw Colin Firth on the way to work, Hilary Swank was at the Goring hotel, but most excitingly I saw Prince Harry on the rowing machine at my gym! I tried to play it cool but definitely stared a little too long. I hopped on the treadmill (nearest him) and started warming up although I turned it up higher than normal to try to impress him haha!

I competed a 10 minute warm up, then 10 x 45 seconds at 6 minute mile pace, with 1 min at 10.30 min mile pace recovery, followed by a 5 min cool down. I then went and did 5 mins on the rowing machine- obviously on the same one as Harry! I am such a stalker.

Anyway, check out how beetroot red my face is in the picture below, it’s actually the same colour as my phone. Not a good look!

In other celeb news, I was lucky enough to get to see Jessie J on Wednesday with Nike as part of this year’s We Own the Night 10k. My 10K PB still stands from last year’s event, and I’m hoping they’ll have straightened out a few of the kinks from last year so that I can run a sub 50 minute 10K this time! Entries are open now if you want to sign up.

Posing for a prosecco selfie with Zoe and Charlie. Zoe and I tucked in to a few lychee martinis at the gig too, so we woke up with slightly sore heads. Charlie was running the following day so was very restrained!

Thank you to Nike for the invite, fingers crossed that Jessie J is joining the run this year- she said she’d run it with Zoe in her orange dress if she does! Keep a look out for free events in the run up to We Own the Night in May. Last year they organised run clubs, boot camps and fun runs that I loved going to on a weekly basis. Check out some of my recaps here:

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What’s your best ever celebrity spot? Prince Harry has got to be up there for me! 


  1. mia79gbr

    Ooh! How exciting!! Looks like a fab evening!!

  2. Ashley

    …and where is our picture! Oh my gosh!!

    • Charlie

      sadly my gym kicks you out if you’re spotted taking photos…i thought it was a bit extreme but now I know why!


    That’s hilair about Prince Harry..! Not sure anyone famous (or royal) would use Manchester’s budget gyms but I will certainly keep a look-out..


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