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The Sports Bras You Need To Add To Your Collection

Aug 12, 2017 | Kit | 12 comments

I got back from my Yasso 800’s on Thursday, took off my sports bra and immediately threw it in the bin.

I’d run a max of 5.5 miles for the day, it wasn’t that hot and yet I’d chafed underboob. NOT OK.

I’ve got quite a big sports bra collection because for me that’s where I’ll invest my money, and can’t wear a small/medium/large style that many brands sell or gift as part of some of the events I’m lucky enough to be invited to. At a recent Puma run, Fleur and I joked that our local charity shops are full of bras we’ve been sent that don’t fit!

So now that you know I can’t fit into any old bra, let me tell you about the three bra styles I have on consistent rotation in my wardrobe that don’t chafe, hold everything in (and up) and are comfortable enough for long runs.

Firstly, the new ShockAbsorber Ultimate Fly Bra is honestly one of the softest, most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn. Although the website says that it’s only for medium impact for D+ boobs, as a 32DD I comfortably run, gym and race in this bra.

It’s designed to be super light whilst providing ultimate support, the soft material is 16% lighter than the Shock Absorber Run Bra, and is laser cut, bonded and moulded for comfort. The straps are non slip and the underboob band is brushed elastic to reduce friction and chaffing – which I am incredibly grateful for!

Workout wherever you are - Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra

Workout wherever you are - Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra

Earlier this year, Lululemon launched their Enlite Bra, their most high tech, supportive bra ever. Compared to other bras, this one is a little on the pricey side (as you’d expect from Lulu, planning on stocking up when we’re in California!) It’s bonded, meaning less likely to chafe and has multiple straps to evenly distribute the weight across your back for comfort and support  (although potentially some very dodgy tan lines!). Plus the bra is moulded to provide shape rather than the flattened shelf that many sports bras leave you with. This is best my boobs have ever looked in a sports bra!

Lululemon Enlite Bra

The bra in most consistent use however are the Triumph Triaction sports bras – I have quite the collection because I love them so much. I’ve run three marathons in them with zero chafing, which is saying a lot even in the heat of the Boston Marathon.

The bra is high impact with interchangeable straps to allow for even more support with a cross-over strap, or as standard over the shoulder straps. They are padded for comfort and the smart 3D powertech technology helps the bra mould and adjust to your body, prevent bounce and eliminate chafe. The fabric is soft, antibacterial and comes in a range of colours!

boobydoo sports bras - therunnerbeans when do you need to replace your sports bras

A Couple of things all three of these bras have in common; they’re high impact, they don’t have an underwire and they have decent coverage!

Ladies, what’s your favourite running sports bra? Ever tried any of the above? 


  1. Sarah Plummer

    Great article and would love to try the triumph bra but the problem I have is I am a 30D and most sports bras start at 32!

  2. Kaci

    I love the Knockout from Victoria’s Secret but am growing out of the sizes they offer thanks to pregnancy. I’m struggling now to find a sports bra big enough (also I don’t understand the sizing past DDD lol).

  3. Rachel

    I love those pants with the zipper pockets!

  4. Crazies follower

    The best sports bra I have ever found is Bravissimo Inspire Sports Bra. It comes in size 30-38 F-K so ideal for those with bigger boobs. It is wired which means bigger boobs still have some shape and you avoid the shelf/squished feel. I am not a gym goer but I do play hockey safely in mine! The only draw back is it only comes in black at the moment.

    • charlotte

      Haha shelf/squished isn’t great – however I’m not a fan of the underwire on my sports bras! I just think it would be so uncomfortable.

  5. Kirsty Watson

    This post is perfect timing for me after finishing a half with some serious back & underboob chafing yesterday! So frustrating as the bra I was wearing (Brooks Juno) is probably the most supportive one I’ve ever tried. Think I’ll need to experiment a bit more…

    • charlotte

      That’s funny as that’s the same sports bra I threw away after my Yasso 800s!

  6. Nicole

    I love the lululemon energy bra. I have it in a few colors. It’s cute and offers support too. I run in them! Xo

    • charlotte

      Nice, I haven’t tried the energy bra, but I love the Stuff Your Run Bra for low impact stuff!

  7. Emma

    Thank you for the interesting article! I have always had problems with sport bras because I don’t find them as comfortable as I wished they were. I should check out some of those options you recommend here 🙂

  8. O'Neal

    Thank you so much for your review! I am in the same boat and am always searching for most supportive bra. I love the Lulu bra, but only wear it on long runs so that it will last longer. All the female attendants at the local sports shops are flat as a board so they are never any help!

  9. Karin

    Thank you so much for posting this article – you’re timing couldn’t be better! After years of wearing the same sports bra (I own 5 of them and rotate), I’ve realized I need to get to upgrade my collection. I was a 34C when I bought these and am now a 34DD, or when training gets more intense, a 32DDD. I’ve heard great things about the lulu bra, but am still struggling with the price tag :/ I can’t wait to try the ShockAbsorber and Triumph triactions. I’d love to hear any other suggestions (or get the list of bras that have gone in the bin!).


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