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Some Fails and a Win

Feb 19, 2013 | Lifestyle, Running | 1 comment

Yesterday was not a brilliant day, I definitely had more FAILS than WINS.

Fail 1: I went to the gym to go to a BodyPump class. It was my first time at the new gym, and it is further away than I thought. When I arrived at the gym I asked whether I needed to book into the class (it said I didn’t online!) and the receptionist said that class didn’t get full.

Except it does. And it did. The class was so full when I went to set my stuff up 5mins before class started that there was no room. So I decided to head to the gym floor to workout on a cross-trainer or treadmill.

Fail 2: I normally keep treadmill workouts in my bag, but not in the bag I had with me. I got onto the treadmill and couldn’t even get signal on my phone to look up a workout.

Win 1: I remembered the hill workout from last week so repeated that, and felt much stronger than the last time I completed this workout!

Win 2: I had a great stretch on the PowerPlates and foam rolling session. The stretching/floor area at the new gym is bigger, and more tucked away than at my previous gym. Certainly an improvement.

Fail 3: After finishing my book ‘Me Before You’, I cried on the tube as it was so sad. Quite embarrassing!

Fail 4: I got home, looked through my bag and discovered that I had locked myself out!! Major FAIL. I had to wait for Tom to get home from football practise at a friends house. I am so lucky to have friends that live close by to bail me out in sticky situations!

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  1. Laura

    Oh bless what a day, glad that you managed to have somewhere to stay while you waited to get in the house!


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