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Some Failed Resolutions

Dec 10, 2012 | life updates, Running | 0 comments

On January 2nd this year I wrote out my 5 resolutions for 2012. I was full of good intentions to fulfill these resolutions, and thought that having them written down for all to see on the blog would hold me accountable for them.

Turns out, that’s not even enough of an incentive for me to stick to all of my resolutions.

Lets revisit them to see how things have worked out, nearly a year on….

1. Stick to my exercise training plan and run the London Marathon in April 2012.

COMPLETE. Big fat tick.

I finished the Virgin London Marathon 2012 in 4.54.59 and couldn’t have been prouder of myself!
2. Sign up and compete in at least one race a month. These can be of any distance or discipline so long as its a race.
January- Portsmouth Half Marathon
March- Bath Half and Marlow Half Marathons
June-Relay Triathlon
November-Movember 5K
I missed out on my goal by 6 months! Far more than I’d like to have missed.
3. Give up something for lent.
4. Make the most of living in London, by going to the theatre, art exhibitions and museums.
I think that I have certainly improved on this and have been to a number of sporting events, exhibitions, concerts and plays. I hope to continue making the most of the amazing city that I am lucky enough to live in.
5. Complete my photography course and take more photos, plus keep my blog updated.
Despite being given Karen Russell’s online photography course for Christmas last year I just did not have the time to complete it. I printed out all of the lessons so am planning on starting it in January 2013.
I haven’t been that great at keeping my blog updated this year either. I was pretty good up until the marathon, then things began to slide. More recently I have been back on it, and am determined to update more regularly and to increase my blog profile. This I have started to through guest posts on Ashley’s blog- Training for the London Marathon, featured in Skinny Runner’s Crappy Race photos and after bidding in Anne’s Hurricane Sandy Auction, I am now one of her December sponsors! 
I’ve also recently signed myself up to the Healthy Living Blogs website. They have weekly Monday announcements, guest posts for Healthy Living Tuesdays, and the chance to get involved in Wednesday Recipe Round ups. These are all great tools to discover more healthy living blogs, get ideas for your own life/blog, learn how to improve your blog (I will definitely be getting as much from this as I can) and gives you ample opportunities to promote your blog. And the best thing is anyone can join!
The website is going to be a major tool for me in 2013 to improve my blog design, content and readership. Plus I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more blogs to my google reader.
Does anyone know any good British healthy living blogs? I love loads of the American ones, but haven’t found a British one that I relate to yet.


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