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Say it, Do it: at a New Gym

Mar 4, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

After seeing ‘Say it, Do it’ as a weekly feature on Jess and Ashley’s blogs, I decided to give it a try on mine and see if it helps me structure my weekly workouts and more importantly, holds me accountable to do them!

Here is this week’s Say it, Do it schedule:

Monday- Swiss Ball Pilates

Tuesday- 5K with Nike and Elle Magazine run club

Wednesday- 3 mile easy run and Mat Pilates

Thursday- Spin Class

Friday- Mat Pilates

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

I recently joined a swanky new gym near my office. After my old gym closed and I was forced to move to a gym further away, I noticed my gym sessions had dramtically decreased, and the weight that I had lost was creeping back on. The replacement gym was further away from my office meaning I couldn’t go in my lunch break, more crowded with full classes all the time, and classes at difficult times. It was also more expensive than my old gym.

With that in mind, I began looking at gyms closer to my office, with a large range of classes on offer. The one I found is perfect, although a little on the pricier side! It’s beautiful though, with a pool that includes free pool classes (useful if I do the triathlon in the summer), great facilities, and a huge range of classes.

It also has a snazzy make-up and hair area. Love the lights around the mirrors. And HUGE towels.

It also has inspirational quotes dotted around the gym, with notes like this above the weighing scales:

This morning I attended a Swiss Ball Pilates class at my new gym. There were only 4 of us in the class, which was great and meant we each got a lot of attention. The class was hard though, and as usual I was the least flexible attendee. My legs enjoyed a good stretch after yesterday’s half, and it was fun trying to balance on the ball whilst completing the stretches- good for the mind and core!

Hope everyone has a great week, are you trying any new classes/workouts this week?

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  1. Mathias Michelakis

    I prefer gyms that offer a wide range of activities rather than just a place with high end equipment. Should I hit a plateau or suffer through a minor injury, I want to still be able to keep an active lifestyle by simply making adjustments to my workout or exploring the other training programs they offer.


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