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How Does Your Running Kit Make You Feel?

Dec 2, 2018 | Kit, Lifestyle | 7 comments

How does your running kit make you feel?

When it comes to clothes, I’m a little embarrassed about how many I have.

They tumble out of the wardrobe, chest of drawers and lay in piles. (I’m very messy!) It’s a source of stress for both me and Tom, and I regularly have to do culls to donate, give away and recycle.

When I had the idea to sell some of the clothes I didn’t wear to raise money for the California CampFire fund, I pulled out a few items, mostly clothes I hadn’t worn before. They sold so quickly, that I was more ruthless going through my wardrobe a second time (and third). I had a number of items that I didn’t wear, either because they didn’t fit properly, they weren’t quite right for what I needed them for (leggings without pockets…no thanks), they didn’t suit me, or I had very similar items already.

And we raised nearly £500 for those affected by the California Campfire.

Its amazing how good a clear out makes you feel.

But more than that, having a small selection of items that just work. Leggings that stay up without digging into my waist (I am not a small in all brands I have learned), or that are see through so can’t be worn to the gym/yoga/infront of people. Tops that don’t require pulling down every three steps, that don’t make me feel uncomfortable in my own body. And most importantly, bras that provide enough support and don’t chafe.

I’ve always thought that there was a certain ‘look’ for instagram fitness pics, the matching bra top and leggings…but in reality, I do not like wearing that (nor do I suit that). So I ditched them, and kept just two drawers that I narrowed my sports kit down to (I know, still a lot), to the items that I liked most and that made me feel MY best.

It seems I’m not alone in feeling that a workout in clothes that make me feel good make for a better workout!

Current Faves; 

  • Triumph Triaction Sports Bras
  • Highwaisted Black/Navy Leggings – with pockets
  • Mid-thigh tight shorts
  • Pro Compression long socks or Feetures ankle socks
  • Tank
  • 1/2 zip long sleeve or round neck long sleeve

These are the items I go to time and again, and so, aside from a waterproof jacket, some thermal leggings/long sleeve, they are all I have in my chest of drawers. No more of the leggings that made me feel too big, or short, or that my boobs were too cumbersome. No more cheap fabrics that ride up, or itch. I’m investing in pieces that make my run better, that make me feel…better. Faster. Stronger.

It sounds silly, but it really does. When i put on my fave outfit and head out for a run, I feel invincible.

I know that workout gear can be expensive, and I am guilty of spending too much on it. In fact, I spend £100+ on a pair of Lululemon leggings, yet will pay max £40 for a pair of jeans. But for me, it’s worth it to pay the extra for something I’m going to put blood (after this morning – check out my insta stories to see more), sweat and tears into. And will expect so much of.

I buy items that make me feel great. That hold me in the right places, flatter my body, that enhance my workout rather than hindering it. Clothes that stand up to the wind, rain, 20 milers, track sessions and a lot of mud!

How many items do you have in your wardrobe that you don’t wear? That you keep for *one day*, that don’t quite fit right, or that you’re hoping one day to be the right size for? Or items that you feel guilty for buying, that were expensive but you don’t wear… (or am I the only one guilty of that?!)

What do you look for it your fitness kit? What pieces are you loving right now?


  1. Miranda

    thanks for this – so true! Totally agree, the sports bra & full length legging combo seems like such an “instagram” look, I don’t know anyone who actually wears that! Any chance of a round up of your favourite mid thigh tight shorts (bonus for side pockets) – this is ongoing search for me!

  2. Ali

    I agree about the finding shirts that don’t ride up or shorts that don’t fall down. I find that when I find a favorite running outfit I will wear it over and over and over again. I think for the past year my favorites have been a pair of Oiselle shorts and striped tank-top. I wore them almost every race and every long run. It is probably good that it is winter so that I’m finally giving those two pieces of clothing a much-needed break!

  3. Becca

    I agree. finding what makes you comfortable is very important.

  4. Emma

    I definitely have favourite kit and seem to wear the same tops and shorts again and again. I have a ‘lucky’ race outfit and feel quite stressed out if I can’t wear it for whatever reason. I’m desperate for Lululemon to re-release the Sole training shorts with the really useful pockets. I’d treat myself to several pairs.

    • charlotte

      I feel the same way about those shorts! BRING THEM BACK LULULEMON!!

  5. Cari

    I’ve culled some of my “one day” shirts as start line layers, but I swear finding the perfect shorts/pants is near impossible. I never used to care about leggings with pockets, but I now find them “necessary”. Congrats on a successful fundraiser


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