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Interview with Ironman Emily Young on the Podcast

Sep 23, 2018 | life updates, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Emily's Journal Run the World Podcast

First off, let me say sorry for the quality of this audio. It was recorded in a coffee shop near the hospital I work at which was the best that we could do with the hour we had.

We’ve done our best to clean it up but it the background noise is definitely still there. I’m very very new to podcasting (and also lacking equipment and silent space to record!), but it will get better, and I really appreciate your patience with me on it.

I do hope you’ll still listen to this episode with Ironman Emily Young. Emily is the lovely lady behind Emily’s Journal blog and amazing Instagram account that has me feeling lazy!!

Emily recently took part in Ironman Zurich – read her recap here… and is about to go to Taiwan to give 140.6 (the ironman distance) another attempt before the season finishes. She is really open and honest about the ups/downs and challenges of training, which I loved but also nearly scared me out of my Ironman next year!

Guaranteed to inspire you but also remind you just how much work goes into those distances…

Would love you to give it a listen, and subscribe to the podcast! Next time I have Becca from Redfaced Runner!


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